seoul's jamsu bridge to be reborn with curving pink art gallery by arch mist

seoul's jamsu bridge to be reborn with curving pink art gallery by arch mist

the ‘longest art gallery’ to arrive in seoul


Dutch studio Arch Mist has been chosen to transform Seoul‘s Jamsu Bridge into a vibrant public space. The winning proposal from the ‘Jamsu Bridge, Bridge of Culture’ competition reimagines the 1976-built bridge as a pedestrian-friendly art gallery, offering a unique venue for cultural events and stunning views of the Han River. Currently a car bridge, Jamsu Bridge will be pedestrianized under the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ‘Great Hangang Project’ initiative. This flagship project aims to revitalize the waterfront and create a new cultural destination for the city.


We are determined to create a ‘bridge of culture’ that citizens can enjoy,’ said Chang-soo Lim, Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Future Space Planning Officer. ‘It will also be the first pedestrian bridge and the first waterfront cultural space over the Han River.’

arch mist jamsu bridge
images © Arch Mist



a landmark intervention by arch mist


With its Jamsu Bridge intervention, the design team at Arch Mist will incorporate multiple balconies and connecting ramps, creating a bold landmark and offering a variety of vantage points along the river. To create a more human-scaled space, the design adds an elevated deck level, dividing the bridge’s height and providing access to multiple ‘city balconies.’


These new decks and balconies will offer a multitude of uses. The space can be used as a permanent or temporary art gallery, a venue for local markets, or a platform for special events. The design even envisions incorporating the iconic Banpo Bridge water fountain into the experience, allowing visitors to interact with the display without disrupting pedestrian traffic on the upper deck.

arch mist jamsu bridge
Seoul’s Jamsu Bridge will be transformed into a pedestrian-friendly art gallery over the Han River



a beacon of vibrant color on the han river


The Jamsu bridge’s color scheme plays a key role in the design by Arch Mist. The vibrant hues chosen serve a dual purpose — they extend a warm welcome to visitors and create a dynamic, social atmosphere that fosters connection. ‘The infusion of color not only enhances the bridge’s aesthetics but also reflects the vibrancy and positivity of the city,’ said Ningzhu Wang, Lead Designer of Arch Mist. The pink color of the elevated pedestrian bridge was praised by jurors for its welcoming and open feel.


The project incorporates thoughtful landscape design to enrich the natural environment and create a welcoming space for all. Floating planters will be introduced to create a wetland corridor in the river, improving biodiversity and the bridge’s microclimate. The design will also maximize the water’s edge with a curving waterfront edge. The redesigned bike path, following the profile of the lower deck, will provide a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.

arch mist jamsu bridgethe project is part of the ‘Great Hangang Project’ to revitalize the Han River waterfront arch mist jamsu bridge
Arch Mist’s winning design features multiple decks, balconies, and ramps for panoramic viewsarch mist jamsu bridge
a vibrant pink color scheme is chosen to reflect Seoul’s energy and create a welcoming atmosphere


floating planters and a curving waterfront boundary will enhance the bridge’s natural environment

seoul's jamsu bridge to be reborn with curving pink art gallery by arch mist
the new space can host art exhibits, markets, and events like weddings and movie nights


minimal structural intervention will be used to maximize space while ensuring a safe and reliable design



project info:


project title: Jamsu Bridge

architecture: Arch Mist

location: Seoul, Korea

lead designer: Ningzhu Wang
client: Seoul Metropolitan Future Urban Spaces Planning Bureau
local engineer: CPA Consulting Structural Engineers
local architect: MADI.MGT Architects & Consulting Co. Ltd.
coordinator: Hyunggyu Choi
visualizations: © SAN, ZHENGXUAN, Arch Mist

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