timber clad archway connects family homes in japan by naf architect and design
image © toshiyuki yano




on the exterior, this building can be mistaken as a single entity however, the archway house in hachiouji city, tokyo has been spilt into two residential units altogether housing 3 generations from the same family. designed by naf architect and design, the unit on the left house A is single-story and inhabited by the grandmother, on the other hand, house B contains two levels where the daughter, the husband and their child resides. altogether, the grounds span 1000 sq feet where the original residence had a guest house with a small torii shrine gate, a shinto shrine and a japanese tea garden nearby. the architects retained most of the previous surrounding features except for the new construction replaces the former main residence completely furthermore, the slope in-between has been extended from the japanese garden creating a path between the south and north sides of the site. naf-architects_arch-wall-house_designboom_002
image © toshiyuki yano




the main transportation used by the family is car therefore the cut-through in between houses A and B serves as a driveway linking the households directly onto the highway. the allocation of windows has been strategically thought out, no openings can be found on the north-side because it overlooks a main traffic route whereas, the windows on the east and west façade face the neighbors so are small in size, leaving the largest windows on the side facing the garden and courtyard. both buildings contains interior courtyards with skylights that stimulate light to reflect on the ceramic tiles on the curved walls giving different effects depending on the time and weather. even though the two houses are independent in form, the characteristic curved archway, cladded in timber, stretches from both sides almost touching, establishing an intimate connection and allowing the family be in each other’s everyday lives.

the family car drives leaves the driveway
image © toshiyuki yano
the driveway leads onto a main highway
image © toshiyuki yano
the upper level of house b
image © toshiyuki yano
the bedroom with skylight
image © toshiyuki yano
the playroom
image © toshiyuki yano
the curved wall with the tiles
image © toshiyuki yano
image © toshiyuki yano
image © toshiyuki yano
kitchen area
image © toshiyuki yano
image © toshiyuki yano
image © toshiyuki yano
arch house where three generations of the same family resides
image © toshiyuki yano



project info:



name of the project: arch wall house
location: hachiouji city, tokyo
category: detached house
structure: wood construction
number of storeys: 2
maximum height: (a) 5.437m (b) 7.522m
maximum eave height: (a) 5.096m (b) 7.277m
building area: (a) 88.15m2 (b) 104.44m2
total floor area: (a) 88.15m2 (b) 155.51m2
architect: akio nakasa (principal architect) , daisuke aoki