ARCHETYPE design organization designed buda hotel in chengdu, china as a temporary residence to release the fatigue of travelers. the project is located miles away from the busy downtown, away from hustle and bustle of the city, between a busy street on one side and an old community on the other. visual design and living experience were significantly improved by taking into consideration the functional settings. 

buda hotel 1
images by chuan HE / here space photography



ARCHETYPE design organization connected the shape of the shelter with the original building, with the intention to create a small space for guests during their busy traveling. eventually, the artwork was naturally bound to the space making the hotel not only an exploration of the shape of space but also an exploration of dramatic daily life. the artificial light source, which illuminates the space and the atmosphere, will be a guide to explore the rest of the space.

buda hotel 2



the entrance of the hotel is covered by an arcuate ceiling which brings guests a feeling of home and shows the hotel’s open attitude. as the inherent design techniques and visual styles are abandoned, the designers expect to find the possibility of dialogue between people and space, while providing guests an opportunity to discover their unique selves in normal daily life.




the color palette consists of warm tones with pops of mustard yellow tiles covering the walls and the stairs. these colors create a cozy atmosphere allowing guests to feel comfortable and connected to the space. traditional hotel amenities including fitness, restaurants, bars, office, and meeting places are translated in a different way in this space. working, playing, living and sociality are harmonious here.

buda hotel 3

buda hotel 4

buda hotel 5

buda hotel 6

buda hotel 7

buda hotel 8

buda hotel 9

buda hotel 10

buda hotel 11

buda hotel 12



project info:


name: buda hotel

location:chengdu, china

space design: archetype design organization

chief designer: jinnan liao (louis liao)

design team: xuwei jing (jessie jing), xuelei fan (vivid fan), shenglei li (rise li), hao hong (stan hong)

area: 3,209 sqm (3,4541.38 sqft)

photography: chuan he / here space photography


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