‘port chemin vert school’ by archi5, aubervilliers, paris, france
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set in the transforming historically industrial zone of aubervilliers in northeast paris, the ‘port chemin vert school’ by local practice archi5 will become one of the major driving forces in the redefinition of the urban landscape when completed in 2016. situated in an almost triangular site, the school building adopts a crescent shape forming a public courtyard to be enjoyed by the students and the community, while the outer limits stretch to fit the footprint of the lot. the metal structure is set upon stilts that separate the private learning areas from a porous ground level that allows the free flow of people across the pedagogical threshold. a lush green promenade originating at one of the town’s major parks leads directly into the premises to be lifted above the ground onto the circular flat roof. the exterior facade of the school along the orthogonal walls are clad in a bronzed mesh that provide more privacy, while the rounded interior partitions are left open to circulation, facing the lively courtyard.

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project info:


client: city of aubervilliers
architects: archi5
program : construction of a school including a kindergarten, an elementary school, a recreation center and a restaurant.
address : zac port chemin vert , aubervilliers
area: 6,311 sq.m.
cost: € 14,800,000
calendar: contest winners jan 2014 – beginning of construction in may 2015 – september 2016 delivery
bet : cet
economist: mazet & associates
landscape : places in green
engineering : oasiis
cuisine: alma consulting
perspectives: incube