in a quaint winery village of limbach, close to the bratislava in slovakia, a kindergarten has been constructed amidst a flourishing vineyard. designed by, and with a total area of 935 sqm, the constricted, rectangular plot had to accommodate 40 children, a dayroom, a director’s office, kitchen, parking and a playground. the result is seen as four interconnecting volumes, shaped like a classic house (or how children would draw a house) with pitched roofs and finished with different sized, playfully arranged windows. the south-east facing façades overlook the vineyard, meanwhile each pavilion is arranged offset from one another and clad in varying materials.
all images by tomáš manina
the rear of the kindergarten
windows placed behind the timber cladding glows through, giving a nice effect
the dining area opens up to the playground




the day-room is used not only for dining, meeting and mutual interaction of the children but can be adapted for small performances, theaters or other events for parents. the room is directly connected with the main entrance as well as the administration and the kitchen.
the pavilions at dusk where the playfully arranged windows light up the exterior
the kindergarten over the vineyard in slovakia