with many generations in mind, julio salcedo has designed the ‘anker-jordan residence’ — a lake house in new hampshire that attempts to bridge the gaps between them. as stated by the architect, ‘the spaces may be used as a gathering continuous sequence, whilst providing rather separate moments of isolation and play.’ the house invites a playful interactive use for each generation of the family, making this lakeside vacation home even more festive.

julio salcedo
all images by imagen subliminal (miguel de guzman + rocio romero)



julio salcendo of scalar architecture used an adaptive computational design, conjoining various prisms to make the house, which, from certain angles, offers the same effect as the leaning tower of pisa. however, it is quite stable and was intentionally designed to withstand the region’s harsh winds. located on ossipee lake, in new hampshire, the residence was designed to interact with the rich natural landscape which includes the lake, forests, and white mountain range beyond. the house’s abstract form maximizes the natural benefits of the sun and external vistas.

julio salcedo
surrounded by nature, the house offers a retreat from an urban life

julio salcedo
the design comprises various prisms

julio salcedo
the house was designed to sustain harsh winds

julio salcedo
there are spaces for every generation in the house

julio salcedo
the sun sets on the home 


julio salcedo
the house is connected with the nature through the various windows 

julio salcedo
a house for every generation

julio salcedo
playful details charge the users 

julio salcedo
overlooking the picturesque lake

julio salcedo
the dwelling has a unique sloping roof

julio salcedo
night sets in, but the house is alive with activity



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Site Plan
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Section 1
2ndt floor_2
2ndt floor

project info:


title: anker-jordan residence
team: julio salcedo – principal in charge, ben prager, cristina marti vilar, fernando cremades, julia castano, laura hernandez ramos, lina gao, min ji kim, murilo machado candido
location: ossipee lake, new hampshire, USA
total area: 3,000 sqf
cost: $190,00/sf
client: hans anke and lisa jordan
contractor: glen builders – paul marks, general contractor
civil: HEB engineering, inc
structural: reilly tarantino engineering
photographer: miguel de guzman / imagen subliminal
models: ye rim kim, murilo machado candido, julio salcedo