architects, not architecture (AnA), the platform that invites well-known architects to talk about themselves, rather than their work, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a ‘virtual world tour’. with this series, AnA brings the architectural community closer together by taking participants on a tour around the globe to visit selected cities and virtually meet some of their most relevant architects.

 after a virtual trip to new york to speak with renowned architects steven holl and elizabeth diller, AnA heads to brazil to hear from marcio kogan, founder of studio MK27, and christiane muniz, co-founder of una arquitetos and una munizveigas.


as a media partner, designboom brings you the entire talk in the video at the top of this page. enjoy the biographies, events and anecdotes that shaped the architects, and don’t forget to register for the next talk — with japanese architect toyo ito on november 17, 2021 — here.

marcio kogan christiane muniz architects, not architecture
planar house designed by studio MK27 | image by fernando guerra

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in the late 1970s, architect and professor marcio kogan founded studio MK27 in são paulo, brazil. today, kogan leads a team of 30 architects, most of whom have been working with him for over a decade. he also works with a number of collaborators from across the globe. as admirers of brazilian modernism, many of the team’s residential projects are characterized by long horizontal spans and outdoor living spaces. 


since 2001, when kogan initiated a co-creation and cooperative work system at the office, studio MK27 has won more than 250 national and international awards. the architect himself is also an honorary member of the AIA (american institute of architecture) as well as a professor at escola da cidade in são paulo and politecnico di milano. 

marcio kogan christiane muniz architects, not architecture
house at são bento do sapucaí designed by una arquitetos | image by nelson kon

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in 1996, cristiane muniz co-founded são paulo-based architecture practice una arquitetos alongside fábio valentim, fernanda barbara, and fernando viégas. later in 2019, muniz became the founding partner of the studio una munizviegas, where she has been directing a wide range of projects in various scales and contexts.


in addition to her architectural practice, muniz places a great focus on education. the architect and professor became the dean of the school of architecture and urbanism escola da cidade in são paulo in 2019. she’s also taught at GSD harvard and contributed to a number of workshops and events in universities and cultural centers around the world.


watch marcio kogan and christiane muniz in discussion with AnA host fermín tribaldos at the top of this page, and stay tuned as architects, not architecture continues with its ‘virtual world tour’.