first unveiled at design miami in 2012, ‘architecture for dogs’ is a project curated by japanese art director and designer kenya hara in which he invited renowned architects and designers to develop various structures for man’s best friend. including the likes of kazuyo sejima, kengo kuma, toyo ito, sou fujimoto, shigeru ban, MVRDV, konstantin grcic, as well as hara himself, the collection of architecture typologies for dogs will be presented for the first time in europe, in an exhibition at the japan house london starting 19 september 2020.architecture for dogs exhibition at japan house london with kazuyo sejima, toyo ito + more‘candy floss cocoon’ by kazuyo sedjima for bichon frise

all images by hiroshi yoda



‘with our loyal, four-legged friends proving their value as comforting companions during lockdown more than ever, “architecture for dogs” offers guests a fun and insightful exploration into how it is possible for dogs and their human companions to be at their happiest through interaction with specially designed architectural pieces,’ notes japan house london in the official press release. ‘the exhibition offers smaller dogs the opportunity to interact with a number of the designs, such as the ‘architecture for long-bodied short-legged dogs’ designed by the world renowned architectural practice atelier bow-wow.’

architecture for dogs exhibition goes to london
‘beagle house interactive dog house’ by MVRDV for beagle



exhibits include a piece by MVRDV titled ‘a new home for snoopy?’ where the rotterdam-based architecture firms presents a playful take on the dog house, with an interactive toy which is at the same time a stimulating environment for the intelligent beagle breed to enjoy. ‘who’s the prettiest of them all?’ is konstantin grcic’s response to poodles loving their own reflection, featuring a fun mirror-led structure for pooches to gaze at themselves. inspired by the distinct fur of the bichon frise, ‘candy floss cocoon’ is kazuyo sejima’s way of blending the dog and the structure into one.

architecture for dogs exhibition goes to london
‘wanmock’ by torafu architects for jack russell terrier



‘we are delighted that, at the invitation of japan house london, we are able to take this exhibition to london,’ says kenya hara, chief creative advisor for the japan house project and creator of architecture for dogs. ‘while the architecture is ‘for dogs’, each of the contributors taking part in this unique project is a first class, world renowned architect. please come and enjoy this cutting-edge architecture exhibition.’

architecture for dogs exhibition goes to london
‘paramount’ by konstantin grcic for toy poodle



japan house london will also announce a critically acclaimed UK-based architect, commissioned to create a new design, becoming the 16th exhibit in architecture for dogs. during the exhibition, a range of canine-related items from japan can be found in the shop. through the project’s website, dog-owners can download blueprints of each design, as well as instructions and videos demonstrating customization. hara sees the project as an opportunity to explore architecture differently that can evolve into something that will perhaps one day feed the company’s own practice.

architecture for dogs exhibition at japan house london with kazuyo sejima, toyo ito + more‘D-tunnel’ by kenya hara for teacup poodle

architecture for dogs exhibition at japan house london with kazuyo sejima, toyo ito + more‘mobile home’ by toyo ito for shibaarchitecture for dogs exhibition at japan house london with kazuyo sejima, toyo ito + more‘architecture for long-bodied short-legged dogs’ by atelier bow wow for the dachshund 



project info:


name: architecture for dogs exhibition

location: japan house london

dates: 19 september 2020 – january 2021