in operation for ten years, 2010 was the third year running in which architecture for humanity, an initiative organized and directed by designboom’s friend cameron sinclair, completed a project on every continent of the world. a grassroots network consisting of architects, designers and building professionals, 2010 was a particularly tough year for the organization, as many of its clients not only lost their jobs, but their homes, community and loved ones. over the years, architecture for humanity’s role has not only been to guide these communities towards a more sustainable vision of the future, but to also create and provide the tools in which to achieve it and move forward.

architecture for humanity: sponsor a day of design design sponsors will be posted on the architecture for humanity web-site, indicating the day and activity which they have supported

last year, more than 81, 000 people benefited from the work of architecture for humanity. you too can help by donating to help build a more sustainable future – one community, one designer at a time.

help architecture for humanity provide 365 days of professional design services around the world by supporting a designer for a day, week, month or year. depending on the amount, your funds could:

– support a meeting with a client which involves meeting a designer to provide a community in need with technical advice through a one-on-one consultation – support a designer for a day by means of a designer creating a schematic drawing, or establishing a site plan, resolve a design detail or troubleshoot a code issue of a particular construction project – support a designer for a week, whereby a designer hosts a community workshop in which the construction planning, design of a site-specific structural solution or post-occupancy analysis of a particular building site is resolved – support a designer for a month in which they can hold a community workshop, plan, develop and construct a small community building or house

architecture for humanity: sponsor a day of design a feed of past and present sponsors is posted on the organization’s web-site

design sponsors can potentially be featured on architecture for humanity’s homepage on a day of their choosing; be listed by their name, organization or anonymously; give the gift of design and dedicate a donation to a friend or a loved one: share a personal message describing their passion for supporting sustainable community your own significant way, you can help rebuild a community and sponsor a day of design.

Architecture for Humanity Documentary from Anand Sheth on Vimeo.