proposal for beethoven festspielhaus by local architekturbüro schommer
all images courtesy of beethoven festspielhaus




bonn, germany-based architekturbüro schommer was the lone local practice competing for the design of its city’s future ‘beethoven festspielhaus‘. on the occasion, architect karl-heinz schommer and his team conceived a glass volume that cantilevers over the rhine river’s edge, distinguished by a curving roof which peels upward at one corner. through its transparent nature, the building has an open relationship to the surrounding city. an enclosed concert hall mass is placed within the glass envelope, and arranged in a traditional shoebox layout.

schommer beethoven festspielhaus designboom

the structure cantilevers over the river’s edge, while its roof surface peels upward at one corner




while most of the submitted designs for the competition placed the new concert hall adjacent to the existing ‘beethovenhalle’, architekturbüro schommer located the new building in front of this structure and in close contact with the river. the site’s organization produces a large open plaza intended to accommodate events of up to 1,500 people.


the locally-based team’s design was not selected for continuation into the competition’s shortlist phase. to check out the schemes still being considered, see here.

schommer beethoven festspielhaus designboom

the building envelope’s transparent nature allows for expansive views of the surrounding city and river





to offset the potential acoustical issues produced by the building’s large cantilever, the design accounts for a specialized anti-vibration system to block unwanted sound from the river and traffic below.


the architects describe they were influenced by the ‘boundary breaking’ nature of beethoven’s music, and explain, ‘we did not want to impose limits on the new festspielhaus.’

schommer beethoven festspielhaus designboom

site plan