archstudio updates lily nails’ visual identity for beijing salon



chinese salon chain ‘lily nails’ implements an updated visual identity at their new location in the yau tang shopping center of beijing. the brand commissioned archstudio to complete the project, who developed a holistic approach with emphasis placed on customer experience.

archstudio lily nails salon interior beijing china
‘lily nails’ front signage
all images © jin wei-qi




relaxed and cozy with a generous green-wall providing color to the muted space, ‘lily nails’ is a welcoming atmosphere for clientele. the rectangular store has an area of 60 sqm, but thanks to a swirling element of 8mm thick white perforated steel plate, feels quite large. the curving ceiling-bound form softens the interior physically, and bands of embedded LEDs ensure well-distributed illumination. archstudio’s positioning of six seats was done so with the intent of encouraging communication between patrons. in the gap between the helical intervention and original store confines, are located auxiliary functions including reception, polish display, and employee service areas.

archstudio lily nails salon interior beijing china

glossy floors reflect linear qualities of the lights above

archstudio lily nails salon interior beijing china
a swirling ceiling provides dynamism to the rectangular plot

archstudio updates lily nails' visual identity for beijing salon
‘lily nails’ designed by archstudio

archstudio lily nails salon interior beijing china
seating in relation to polish display wall

swirling ceiling element above lounge

archstudio lily nails salon interior beijing china

surface transition

archstudio lily nails salon interior beijing china
lounge seating with green-wall backdrop

space and material information



project info:


location: helix garden, beijing
name: lily nails – nail and eyelash salon (yau tang store)
team: han wen-qiang, song hui-zhong, huang tao
design by: archstudio
address: yau tang square, chaoyang district, beijing, china
project type: nail salon, interior
area: 66 sq m
timeline: 2016.01—2016.03
construction: 2016.04—2016.06
primary materials: perforated steel plate, cement paint, vertical green wall



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edited by: nick brink | designboom