ZIM arquitextura's grass-topped arena house adapts to the dunes of coastal argentina

ZIM arquitextura's grass-topped arena house adapts to the dunes of coastal argentina

the arena house in the dunes


The Arena House, designed by architecture studio ZIM Arquitextura, is a unique residence located along Argentina‘s coast. The project presented a specific challenge — the house was to be built on a plot characterized by a prominent sand dune, a natural feature common in coastal areas. Instead of viewing the dune as an obstacle, the architects took a creative approach, choosing to integrate it into the design of the house. This decision was driven by a detailed study of the terrain’s topography, which revealed the potential of adapting the house to the natural slope of the dune and creating a sloping green roof.

arena house ZIM arquitexturaimages © Luis Barandiaran



a grassy terrace on the coast


By adapting the Arena House to the existing landscape, the team at ZIM Architextura avoids unnecessary modifications to the terrain. This approach both preserves the natural beauty of the surroundings and minimizes the project’s environmental impact by reducing the need for excavation and filling. The design blends the built space with the dune’s natural slope. A portion of the structure is embedded within the dune, while another section rises above ground level. This strategy serves to maximize the available space while also creating a usable outdoor area on top of the house, offering stunning views of the sea and the coastal environment.

arena house ZIM arquitextura
Arena House by ZIM arquitextura rises along Argentina’s coast



zim architexture learns from the landscape


The usable outdoor surface on top of the house functions as a terrace, providing a space for various activities, whether it be recreation, entertainment, or simply relaxation amidst the natural surroundings. Partially burying the house in the dune brings forth several advantages. The surrounding soil acts as a natural insulator, contributing to the home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, the integration with the landscape minimizes the visual impact on the environment, respecting the natural beauty of the coastal setting. The Arena House exemplifies a creative approach to residential architecture. By embracing the unique topography of the site and integrating the dune into the design, the architects have completed a residence that harmonizes with the land, lending a unique living experience on the coast.

arena house ZIM arquitextura
the design adapts to a prominent sand dune on the plot arena house ZIM arquitextura
minimizing impact, the house integrates with the dune’s natural slope ZIM arquitextura's grass-topped arena house adapts to the dunes of coastal argentina
embedding part of the structure creates an occupiable terrace on top


the rooftop terrace offers stunning views and a space for outdoor activities

ZIM arquitextura's grass-topped arena house adapts to the dunes of coastal argentina
burying the house in the dune improves energy efficiency


the design respects the natural beauty of the coastal environment

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