miami, no stranger to hurricanes, has sunk beneath researches upon researches of data that point to a future of even faster winds, even more storms, and rising sea levels. an avant-garde piece of architecture in the luxury home and yacht market has floated to the surface: arkup #1, a four-bedroom container that floats, self-adjusts to rising sea levels, and docks safely to the ocean floor.

all images courtesy of artefacto and arkup



the 75-foot residence was unveiled february 2019 during the miami yacht show — developed by miami start up, arkup and furnished by brazillian design brand artefactoartefacto furnished the model so future residents could live in comfort and luxury in total autonomy, with an expansive, 775-square-foot living room that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that offer uninterrupted ocean views. arkup was founded in 2016 in miami as a next-generation floating home developer. arkup #1 is their first go at a ‘future-proof’ dwelling. it won’t cross any major seas, but it can blow bubbles and tiny wakes along coastlines.

could this luxe floating house be a solution to rising waters in miami?



the arkup vessel sets its own stable foundation (in up to 20 feet of water) via a hydraulic jack system to the tune of 272 horsepower. its solar-powered and, according to arkup, hurricane resilient. here, with massive windows and a miniature infinity balcony, the giant pontoon sits, staged in beige and white and greys and tiny pops of terracotta — a miami vessel through and through, thanks to arkup and artefacto.

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