‘liray house’ by ARQtainer, santiago, chileall images courtesy of ARQtainer



the ‘liray house’ in santiago, proves that you can achieve an aesthetically pleasing structure at a low cost with minimal construction time.the 115 m2 residence designed by chilean practice ARQtainer is composed of corten steel shipping containers. using the modularity of the largecrates, the home is organized on two perpendicular axes, the shorter one containing the social spaces and services – living room, kitchen, dining area, laundry and two exterior balconies – the longer containing the private bedrooms organized linearly along the north face with a corridor to the south. the entire building was built offsite and transported into place, sparing noise pollution and construction impact on site.the five containers that make up the dwelling site 50 centimeters off the ground on a system of stilts that allow the necessary space to conceal the plumbing. the interior is covered in plasterboard panels, filled with cellulose insulation to combat the intense heat gain the metal volumesare prone to, and add considerable mass that also improves the otherwise hollow acoustics.



ARQtainer: liray house, chilesitting on a field with views to the andes mountains



ARQtainer: liray house, chilecontainers are fitted together with voids taken out of the masses to create balconies and windows



ARQtainer: liray house, chilebalcony at the end of the private area



ARQtainer: liray house, chilefront elevation



ARQtainer: liray house, chileshading louvers wrap the roof of the structure



ARQtainer: liray house, chileexterior walkways bring people to the house and up to the rooftop terrace



ARQtainer: liray house, chileliving room



ARQtainer: liray house, chilelong hallway connecting the social spaces to the private bedrooms



ARQtainer: liray house, chile(left) restroom(right) exterior balcony



ARQtainer: liray house, chilelarge deck



ARQtainer: liray house, chile(left) kitchen and long hallway(right) entrance ramp



ARQtainer: liray house, chilebird’s eye view



ARQtainer: liray house, chilefloor plan / level 0



ARQtainer: liray house, chilesection



ARQtainer: liray house, chilesection



ARQtainer: liray house, chileelevation



ARQtainer: liray house, chileelevation



ARQtainer: liray house, chileelevation



ARQtainer: liray house, chileelevation



ARQtainer: liray house, chileconcept sketch



project info:



architecture and construction: project arqtainer 
architect: ruben rivera peede 
engineer: julio oyarzun flores 

location: fundo liray, subdivision la copa, colina – santiago 
country: chile 
surface area: 6775 m2 
project area: 115.01 m2 
project year: 2010 
construction year: 2010main building material: corten steel shipping containers, steel frame, thermal pane window, internal coating plasterboard and projected cellulose insulation.