arquitectonica designs the launiu, a rippling residential tower for hawaii

arquitectonica designs the launiu, a rippling residential tower for hawaii

nature-inspired luxury to arrive in hawaii


The Launiu, a project by the Miami-based architecture firm Arquitectonica, is poised to grace the South Shore in Honolulu, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. This contemporary project is set to redefine Honolulu’s skyline, offering a modern, luxury residential tower to the tropical cityscape. Aptly named after the Hawaiian term for coconut leaf, The Launiu will soon take shape with a fusion of nature-inspired design and upscale island living.

arquitectonica launiu hawaii
visualizations courtesy Ward Village



The Launiu Ward Village grows in honolulu


With The Launiu, its first residential endeavor in Hawaii, Arquitectonica draws inspiration from the vibrant landscape of Oahu. Renowned for its lush greenery, pristine white beaches, and azure oceans, the island’s essence is woven into The Launiu’s design. The facade, designed by the architects to mirror the perpetual change found in nature, promises a dynamic aesthetic that echoes the fluidity of Oahu and the Hawaiian islands. Interior design by ODADA and lush gardens by VITA complement the natural theme to blend of luxury and nature.

arquitectonica launiu hawaii
The Launiu will redefine Honolulu’s skyline, bringing a luxury addition to the South Shore on Oahu



arquitectonica embraces the pacific lifestyle


With The Launiu, Arquitectonica will being luxury living spaces to Honolulu, Hawaii, designed to embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Many units will open onto terrace lanais, providing residents with a connection to the surrounding environment. Breathtaking views await, with glimpses of Hawaii’s iconic Diamond Head to the east and sweeping ocean panoramas to the west. The project’s resort-style amenities, spanning over 78,300 square feet, are poised to become a haven overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The Launiu will offer a range of residences, from studios to three-bedroom layouts. Ninety units will be situated within the podium, while the remaining 396 units will grace the tower. The facade will showcase Arquitectonica’s dynamic undulating design, featuring white-painted aluminum on the tower and sand-colored aluminum for the podium. Glazed window wall systems, adorned with neutral to light grey glass, complete the modern and sophisticated look.

arquitectonica launiu hawaii
a dynamic, nature-inspired facade will mirror the ever-changing nature of the Hawaiian islands



Situated at the intersection of Ala Moana Boulevard and Ward Avenue, The Launiu is the latest addition to the Ward Village master-planned community. This community, located in the heart of Honolulu and just blocks from the Pacific Ocean, exemplifies thoughtful urban planning, community focus, and a commitment to sustainability.

The natural beauty of O’ahu served as our primary design inspiration for The Launiu,’ says Bernardo Fort-Brescia, founding principal at Arquitectonica.With the neutral-toned façade and soft rippling exterior created by balconies, we sought to pay homage to the surrounding environment through an interpretative, elemental design that conveys movement, emulating the effects of water, wind or markings in the sand. The resulting concept is organic yet contemporary.’ arquitectonica launiu hawaii
residences will open onto terrace lanais to blend indoor and outdoor living



We are pleased to officially announce The Launiu Ward Village and bring a new, dynamically designed residential offering to Honolulu’s vibrant real estate landscape,’ continues Doug Johnstone, President of the Hawai’i region for Howard Hughes.We’re dedicated to consistently introducing distinctive residences at Ward Village, a thriving urban island neighborhood on Honolulu’s south shore—one of Hawai’i’s most captivating destinations.’

arquitectonica designs the launiu, a rippling residential tower for hawaii
486 condominium homes range from studios to three-bedroom layouts


Arquitectonica brings its expertise to The Launiu with a 40-story tower featuring a dynamic undulating design

arquitectonica designs the launiu, a rippling residential tower for hawaii
residents will enjoy views from Hawaii’s iconic Diamond Head to the east to Pacific panoramas in the west


The Launiu is part of Ward Village, a master-planned community in the heart of Honolulu

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