along a narrow street in prague’s historic district of jinonice, atelier 111 architekti presents a residential composition of contemporary geometries. the sloping garden site on which the project is situated broadens out to create a small square with a well, and had been formerly occupied by an abandoned and dilapidated house comprised of a gradual addition of masses. the atelier 111 jinonice family home is expressive of the traditional morphological language of the district, characterized largely by stucco-finished heritage buildings with ceramic tiled pitched roofs.

atelier 111 jinonice
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the design of the family house in jinonice by atelier 111 architekti preserves only the oldest stone elements of the original historic structure. these retained elements are oriented towards the street and host the entry toward the main living space which occupy the two new volumes. while all of the living areas, including children´s bedrooms at the top most level, have a direct connection to the sloping garden which is both illuminated by natural sunlight and is shielded from the street by the mass of the house.

atelier 111 jinonice



from the street, both the old and the new construction are visually unified by the exterior finish. the two sections share the color of the stucco plaster and common beaver tail ceramic tiles along the roof. while the age of the individual elements is revealed through their traditional detailing, the original historic architectural language offers a subtle contrast with the white-washed contemporary minimalist forms which make up the clean, composed geometries.

atelier 111 jinonice

atelier 111 jinonice atelier 111 jinonice atelier 111 jinonice  atelier 111 jinonice  atelier 111 jinonice atelier A111 jinonice atelier 111 jinonice atelier 111 jinonice atelier 111 jinonice atelier 111 jinonice


project info:


project name: family house in jinonice

architecture: atelier 111 architekti

lead architects: jiří weinzettl, barbora weinzettlová, veronika indrová

location: prague – jinonice, czech republic

construction engineer: michal hamada

contractor: AMO

fenestration: JANOŠÍK OKNA-DVEŘE

atypical metal elements: KOVO němeček

atypical wooden interior elements and furniture: 23pm

carpentry: jaroslav palivec

completion: 2019

photography: boysplaynice