‘kg house’ by atelier A5 in kawasaki, kanagawa, japan all images courtesy atelier A5

tokyo-based architecture practice atelier A5 has completed ‘kg house’, a two-storey single family residence in kawasaki, kanagawa, japan. located at a visual junction of a new residential district, the design seeks to create a private living space while maintaining a sense of openness and natural daylight.

atelier A5: kg house entry

intersecting multiples views from surrounding apartment buildings, parking lots, and a high school, the house lacks windows placed at eye-level to the street. circumscribing the rectangular layout is a horizontally running strip of glazing that lends the illusion of the house floating in midair. utilizing a wooden truss structure, the walls are raised 700mm off the ground to create a reverse clerestory. the interior space within gains a large amount of natural daylight while maximizing on privacy.

atelier A5: kg house elevation

conceived as an open space free of any dividing walls, the communal programs – living, dining, kitchen – are all hosted on the ground floor. the space secures views of the immediate site, establishing an intimate relationship with the outdoors rather than providing far-reaching views. the ceiling is punctured with large rectangular voids that have been finished with a porous metal grating, which provide enough structure to inhabit on the level above. acting as lightwells, these void spaces continue to the roof of the house to filter sunlight through all storeys. small internal windows face onto the wells to further extend the light.

atelier A5: kg house interior view

atelier A5: kg house living space

atelier A5: kg house (left) view of metal grating above (right) small library

atelier A5: kg house staircase

atelier A5: kg house tatami room next to library

atelier A5: kg house (left) view from bedroom (right) circulation space

project info:

site size: 104 m2 built area: 99m2 structure: wooden