‘beach house’ by atelier bow wow, chiba, japanall images © atelier bow wow




japanese firm atelier bow wow has recently completed the beach house in chiba, japan. the project consists of two distinct parts: a vertical wood box presenting itself at street side and a horizontal glass and reinforced concrete element towards the interior of the site.the timber-clad steel frame mass creates a more ‘traditional’ presence along the street, containing the private bedrooms and main entry.


just behind, a small staircase leads to a large open wooden space housing the living room and social areas, supported on an angular concrete plinth on stilts. the rooftop contains a garden and an additional exterior space in which to socialize and enjoy the outdoors. a horizontal layer of large square windows fills the interior with light and extends views to the outside, while an overhanging canopy helps shade from direct sunlight.

atelier bow wow: beach house, japanstreet side elevation

atelier bow wow: beach house, japanentry

atelier bow wow: beach house, japansocial functions on a concrete base with a rooftop garden

atelier bow wow: beach house, japansocial area

atelier bow wow: beach house, japanwood mass staircase