‘urban fog’ by atelier chanchan, london, UK images courtesy of atelier chanchan

urban fog is a temporary art installation and tea house project, led by atelier chanchan in collaboration with designers sarah khan, mickey kloihofer and mariana pestana. situated between the realm of art and architecture, the installation was designed to develop a momentary community event in what was previously a derelict urban void in east london. the site specific project is a response to an abandoned, walled and hidden pocket of space in the city, performing as a wider investigation into the notions of escape, transparency and thresholds.

capitalizing on the depth of the long sheltered site, the interior atmosphere is separated to create a series of intimate and engulfing thresholds. the long trajectory of the space is seen as a journey for both the body and the eye which gradually capture and reveal increased levels of private enclosures. like entering a cloud which has temporarily come to rest in this urban environment, figures appear and disappear within the depth of the space and become distorted through light and shadow.

atelier chanchan: urban fogdiffused view through wall

atelier chanchan: urban fog light and shadow drastically impact the space

atelier chanchan: urban fog looking through one of the thresholds into the main corridor

atelier chanchan: urban fogthresholds and entrances

atelier chanchan: urban fog

atelier chanchan: urban fog construction

atelier chanchan: urban fog

diagram of space