‘chico’ by atelier KUU images courtesy atelier KUU




osaka-based studio, atelier KUU has designed ‘chico’, a hyper minimalist pet store located in shizuoka japan. centered around an enlarged and simplified dog house –  a motif that is repeated through the space – the design features thick intersecting planes of exposed concrete and smooth white surfaces. large frameless windows cut through the exterior walls and open onto a small green lawn that doubles as a dog park during business hours. accessed through a miniature kennel-shaped door, dogs are given free-reign to both the store and the green space out front while their owners shop.



atelier KUU: chico  a large house-shaped volume conceals secondary functions such as storage



atelier KUU: chico (left) point of purchase (right) displays



atelier KUU: chico floating shelves house a curated collection of pet accessories that relate to the overall aesthetics of the retail outlet



atelier KUU: chico looking into the store from the front lawn



atelier KUU: chico dog park



atelier KUU: chico front facade