situated in a typical countryside nearby the city of chengdu in china, the bamboo garden by architectural practice atelier REP is a rejuvenation project that implements family activities in a dairy farm of a local company. in other words, the community can experience the production process of healthy milk and a closer connection with nature.

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
traditional methods of bamboo techniques meet people’s needs to return to nature



according to atelier REP, the bamboo garden implants new functions in a typical artificial environment that lacks regional characteristics. such functions include architecture, land, people, natural material, handcrafting and simple values. the bamboo garden reflects an experimentation of contemporary hand-making structures based on an ancient technique; indeed, this plant has been traditionally and widely used to create artifacts thanks to its fast growth, hardiness and ease of processing. 

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
the entire campus is constructed using natural materials



the site stretches from south to north as a long strip, 133 meters in length and 18-32 meters in width — with existing buildings made up of few bungalows with brick-concrete structures. based on those conditions, the architects have adopted two different approaches: ‘retain, renovate’ and ‘add, implant’. to elaborate, the design maintains normal working and living qualities while the area is revived to include family activities. on the other hand, the existing staff dormitory and guardhouse were kept but four rooms of the dormitory  have been turned into sales room, dining area and restroom for visitors. the external space of the guardhouse has also been renovated with the consideration of existing trees.

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
fan-shaped entrance  is supported by the sturdy and fast growing bamboo framework



for the ‘add, implant’ strategies, the bamboo garden is planned as four main hubs: entrance, science education, interactive experiences and entertainment. within each, several architectures and relevant cultural elements into have been incorporated. finally, the architectures in each area are defined as following: a fan-shaped entrance; an umbrella-shaped bamboo structure, a music square and undulating bamboo wall; a verandas and bamboo walls; grass storage.

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
the project is built by adopting two strategies: retain, renovate and add, implant

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
the verandas located at the interactive experiences area 

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
the pavilion 

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom
children’s playground 

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom 
technical plan

atelier REP bamboo garden china designboom 
master plan showing the layout of the four different hubs



project info:

architects: atelier REP
location: chengdu, china

project year: 2015

team member: baoxin yang

structural consultant: keliang han

photography: zs-studio, baoxin yang, jule 



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom