‘wimmer medien business centre and urban development’ by thomas pucher, in linz, austria

graz-based architecture firm atelier thomas pucher has won third prize in a competition for the new wimmer medien building in linz, austria. the proposal is based on the flexibility offered by italian piazzas. although the multimedia distribution company would take up most of the office space, the complex also features a public courtyard, retail areas and residential apartments. taking into account future use, the layout is made to be able to transition programming requirements based on need; for example, a residential suite can easily be turned into an office or vice versa. the project is a reflection of the modern urban lifestyle yet reflects on the dynamic of an old town where leisure, working and shopping are combined. 

the office area features a central terrace that can function either as an outdoor extenuation of the work areas or a social space for clients and employees of different companies residing in the building. the housing units have green roofs while the commercial component blends interior spaces with open-air stores similar to italian markets. the programming of both indoor and outdoor spaces creates a sense of community in the complex.

atelier thomas pucher: wimmer medien business centre central courtyard turned into an ice rink

atelier thomas pucher: wimmer medien business centre rendering of the project integrated into surrounding neighborhood