‘abeilles bee pavilion’ by atelierd, alsace, franceimage © stephane spach



for the insect-fearing reader, this flexible space will not seem very inviting. in an effort to combine the coordinated rigidity of bee life to the unpredictableimagination of mankind, the ‘abeilles bee pavilion’ by french practice atelierd provides refuge for both species under one roof. based on an extruded hexagonal wooden grid appropriately akin to that of the honeycomb, the structure features a dynamic framing system where some modules have been filled in with various materials as different dwelling typologies for the six-footed inhabitants, while others are left clear creating a porosity through which the average biped can observe the outside world amidst the soothing buzzing of the fast-paced microcosm happening around them. the interior is covered by a permeable roof membrane set up like bays connecting the mirrored facades to let the breeze flow freely and block out the direct sunlight. portable fixtures provide seating or table tops, and can be removed to use the space as one continuous deck for larger crowds.



atelierd: abeilles bee pavilion in francefront facade, entry to the rightimage © stephane spach



atelierd: abeilles bee pavilion in franceeach hexagonal module contains a unique characteristic creating homes for the beesimage © stephane spach



atelierd: abeilles bee pavilion in francelateral panels stabilize the structure, leaving certain faces open for the circulation of air and viewsimage © stephane spach



atelierd: abeilles bee pavilion in franceinterior with furnitureimage © stephane spach