ATTO suites by pedevilla architekten takes shape with contemporary tyrolean design

ATTO suites by pedevilla architekten takes shape with contemporary tyrolean design

a modern addition to a traditional mountain town


A newly completed work by Pedevilla Architects, dubbed ATTO Suites, is unveiled as a thoughtful hybrid of traditional Tyrolean architecture and contemporary, pared back design. The boutique hotel project, with its exposed timber interiors, is a celebration of its natural context, a sweeping range of mountain peaks in Italy which reach nearly 3,000 meters (9,800 feet). Describing the history of this landscape, the architects comment: ‘The village of San Candido has existed in its present form since the early Middle Ages and boasts a history stretching back over 1,250 years.’

pedevilla architects ATTO suitesimages © Gustav Willeit@sangu



pedevilla architects enhances historic san candido


Pedevilla Architects’ ATTO Suites takes shape in the historic center of San Candido, Italy, and is introduced as a ‘home away from home.’ The architects continue: ‘In the interest of the local population, however, the declared aim of the project was also to have the given address eventually take on a more public character and thus significantly enhance the Färberstraße, which runs parallel to the main pedestrian zone.


‘The building’s position and orientation, unlike its predecessor, are rooted in the historically grown building structure, allowing it to stand out as an independent building with its gabled front and carry on the character of the location.’

pedevilla architects ATTO suites



the material and ornament of atto suites


Pedevilla Architects orients each of the units within its ATTO Suites with views toward multiple directions of the panoramic landscape. Minimalistic ornamentation is introduced through the use of a recurring drop-shaped patterning. This detail serves to unify the otherwise pared back interiors while referencing Alpine tradition. The architects make use of regional timber including spruce and fragrant stone pine, which matches the tinted insulating concrete façade, as well as the handcrafted terrazzo floors, plaster, and roof tiles, which evoke the local Sesto brook stone in both color and texture.


The team notes: ‘Many important historical buildings in the immediate vicinity were built from this stone – including the 12th century church. Thus, the materials used in the new building also reflect the history of the place.’

pedevilla architects ATTO suites
the building is finished with a tinted porous stone pedevilla architects ATTO suitesa drop-shaped patterned motif unifies the interiors


large windows frame the dramatic mountains beyond like a theater box

pedevilla architects ATTO suitescustom benches show the recurring shape


the ATTO Suites face panoramic views of the Tyrolean landscape

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