‘wbe house’ by AUAU in kasugai, japan all images courtesy AUAU photographer: suzuki ken’ichi

nagoya-based architecture practice AUAU (akitoshi ukai) has sent us images of ‘wbe house’, a two-storey dwelling in kasugai, japan. located in a densely populated residential neighbourhood, the small house utilizes partial wall elements as an optical illusion to visually lengthen the sense of space.

AUAU: wbe house street facade

while the house technically has two storeys, the interior is broken up in to a number of levels in order to define separate programs without the aid of a full partition: the children’s room, located on the ground floor, is set off from the kitchen and dining space by a small step; the living space is divided in a similar manner, resulting in a series of terraced steps which ultimately leads up to the bedroom. this staging method enables the residence to remain open to visual connection while intuitively defining the internal circulation.

AUAU: wbe house interior view

the simple palette – wood and a shade of white – is used rhythmically to create cross-sectional slices throughout the residence. by seemingly revealing the space in layers, the small area is extended while a dynamic visual effect is created. the design also focuses on providing maximum flexibility by utilizing a system of moveable walls on the upper level. the level of privacy can also be manipulated through this function.

AUAU: wbe house view from the family room

AUAU: wbe house (left) upper floor bedroom (right) children’s room below the family room level

AUAU: wbe houseview of the kitchen/dining from the children’s room

AUAU: wbe house from the upper level

AUAU: wbe house site plan

AUAU: wbe house floor plan / level 0

AUAU: wbe house floor plan / level +1

AUAU: wbe house longitudinal section d-d

AUAU: wbe house longitudinal section c-c

AUAU: wbe house cross section a-a

AUAU: wbe house cross section b-b

AUAU: wbe house west elevation

AUAU: wbe house east elevation

AUAU: wbe house south elevation

AUAU: wbe house north elevation

AUAU: wbe house architectural elements of the house (upper left) continuous wall (upper right) floor slab (bottom left) movable wall (bottom right) box form

AUAU: wbe house schematic diagram – flexibility with movable wall

AUAU: wbe house schematic diagram – connection of area