‘ysy house’ by AUAU in seto, japan all images courtesy AUAU photographer: masaya yoshimura

nagoya-based studio AUAU (akitoshi ukai) has completed ‘ysy’, a two storey residence in seto, japan. bound by a jagged road on one side and a densely populated forest on the other, the project sits on a small hill and features an asymmetrical form that complements the physical conditions of the site.

AUAU: ysy house in context

finished in a matte-white material, the house is wrapped in a shell-like skin that is pushed and pulled from the main volume to create a dynamic identity. the facade is peeled back to accommodate a semi-sheltered entrance while the hitched roofline opens up to a generous window to the city below. by manipulating the verticality of the interior, the openness and privacy of each program is coordinated.

AUAU: ysy house approach

AUAU: ysy house exterior view

to maintain a sense of open space, the living spaces are divided and defined by changes in levels: a mezzanine loft and a kitchen / dining area that overlooks the storey underneath maintain visual connections throughout the house. expansive windows towards both nagoya and the forest provide natural daylight for the interior.

AUAU: ysy house kitchen space

AUAU: ysy house from mezzanine level

AUAU: ysy house view from the kitchen

AUAU: ysy house night view

AUAU: ysy house 3D models

AUAU: ysy house site plan

AUAU: ysy house floor plan (left) level 0 (center) loft (right) level +1

(1) entrance (2) studio (3) washroom (4) playroom (5) child’s space A (6) child’s space B (7) bedroom (8) garden (9) dining room / kitchen (10) living room (11) loft

AUAU: ysy house section

AUAU: ysy house section

AUAU: ysy house south elevation

AUAU: ysy house north elevation

AUAU: ysy house

west elevationAUAU: ysy house east elevation

AUAU: ysy house fold-out structure drawing