aulets arquitectes presents the restoration of a derelict heritage building in felanitx, mallorca, programed for the science and study of wine. the new ‘felanitx oenological station,’ occupies a former residence dating back to the early twentieth century. the proposal is defined by three actions: to make use of the pre-existing structure in a way that showcases the original structural elements and materials, to work with local builders and craftsmen, and to contextualize the building within the world of wine. the inception of the project comprised of the preservation of the salvageable elements, such as masonry walls, the stairs, both the interior and exterior handrails and an original concrete basin. these elements served as a foundation which defined and configured the interior, characterized by expressive brickwork, without alteration nor the addition of elements that undermine them.

aulets felanitx wine
all images by josé hevia



in the design of the felanitx oenological wine station, aulets arquitectes integrated materials which serve to reinforce the presence of the pre-existing ruin. the exterior facades together with interior door and window thresholds are finished in a locally sourced lime mortar, reflective of the original rough stone surfaces. a new concrete slab and wooden roof are supported by the thick masonry walls. ceramic thermal blocks with integrated bottle racks generate new vertical elements, such as the elevator shafts, bathroom, and furniture elements. the roof is both ventilated and insulated with a thick sheet of cork, allowing the building a good performance in response to the demands of the extreme climate conditions in summer and winter. the project makes use of recycled and modified materials, such as the original windows.

aulets felanitx wine



the felanitx building originally housed a vineyard in its rear yard which was used to study the attributes of the different varieties of grapes and wine. the intervention aims to express the recovery of the site’s oenological origins with the reintroduction of a small vineyard surrounding the building, generating a wine-making landscape both inside and out. the entry of the building is situated beneath a metal pergola made of the same rebar material as the framework of the vineyards. this metallic structure penetrates the building as a framing for hanging light fixtures. to achieve this effect the concrete beams are installed upside down, exposing this metallic latticework in a way that allows the lights — and vines — to hang. the design team comments on the detail: ‘suddenly the vineyard floor is under the building’s roof.’

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project info:


project name: reform of oenological station

architecture: aulets arquitectes

location: felanitx, mallorca, españa

structural engineer: alfons romero

client: ajuntament de felanitx

collaborators: ernest bordoy, lluis martorell

construction: construcciones marín

built area: 230 m2

project date: 2017

photography: josé hevia