austin maynard has completed ‘brickface’ — a compact building situated at the rear of an existing house in richmond, melbourne. the project includes a garage at ground level, studio living/guest bedroom at the first floor, and a roof deck with a pool and garden. due to rising property costs in melbourne, the clients asked the designers to create a new living space in the extra lot of their existing home. 

austin maynard brickface melbourne
all images by tess kelly



the architects responded to the space constraint through a vertical and efficient design. the new pool and deck extend the family’s entertainment space and the roof terrace was transformed into a garden. the main living area of the existing house faces south and opens up onto the new terrace and pool. the backdrop to this view is the rising high wall of ‘brickface’.

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the blue interiors refresh the home with a modern and young aesthetic



the project is constructed of recycled red brick, interspersed with contrasting red and blue glazed bricks to create a playful facade with a variety of patterns and color. the windows of the building, the sculptural parapet and the spiral stair contribute to the dynamic and playful character of the structure. the architects describe their project as one that ‘that looks to have existed well before the other buildings along the lane’.

austin maynard transforms unused lot into compact 'brickface' house in melbourne
interior staircase

austin maynard brickface melbourne
interior bedroom

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the sundeck offers views of the surrounding suburb of richmond

austin maynard brickface melbourne
view of the pool from above 

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the pool and spiral staircase create an inviting terrace

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the roof deck provides extra space to lounge for the family

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the round windows and red brick give the building a unique character

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the colorful bricks create a variety of shadows and light

austin maynard brickface melbourne
the building looks to have existed well before the other buildings on the lane



170425 D&P - simplified plans


project info:


architect: austin maynard architects
design architect:
mark austin
floor area: 1
02 sqm. plus 51sqm roof deck
completion date:
january 2017
tcm building group
keith patrick
building surveyor:
code compliance
recycled red brick, red and blue glazed bricks – (rhapsody and watermelon) PGH vibrant range
bathroom, dulux white. studio, dulux summer air
spiral staircase:
enzie spiral stair, H series, galvanised finish