australia won’t participate in the 2020 venice architecture biennale after the australian institute of architects decided to withdraw from the event. the 17th international architecture exhibition was originally set to open on may 23, but has been postponed to open on august 29 — remaining on view until november 29, 2020. however, the australian institute of architects says that the rapidly changing and escalating situation regarding COVID-19 has made it ‘impossible’ to plan for the exhibition.

australia withdraws 2020 venice architecture
all images courtesy of australian institute of architects



‘we know that COVID-19 is presenting architects with significant financial and economic challenges,’ says the australian institute of architects. ‘therefore we are going to reallocate our resources to fund initiatives to help support our members as they navigate through this crisis.’ titled in between, the exhibition was set to explore indigenous design and co-authorship by inviting other countries to share the country’s pavilion in venice’s giardini.

australia withdraws from 2020 venice architecture biennale
the australian pavilion in the giardini | image by john gollings



‘we thank our creative directors tristan wong and jefa greenaway, and the entire creative team, for their hard work and commitment to the project,’ continues the institute in a statement. ‘they have come up with a truly inspiring response to the theme of ‘how will we live together?’ and we look forward to working with them to showcase this work in other ways when it is safe to do so.’


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