‘caixinas house’ by AUZprojekt, vila do conde, portugalall images courtesy of AUZprojekt




portuguese practice AUZprojekt has just shared with us images of their newest renovation in the small fishing town of vila do conde, in a verydense urban context. the narrow rectangular plot contains an internal courtyard towards the back end and dictates the type and use of verticalcirculation so as not to intrude excessively in the limited width available. a wing along the back side of the main volume extends the living areas that open to the private patio and creates another terrace on its rooftop.



AUZprojekt: caxinas house, portugalentry to patio



AUZprojekt: caxinas house, portugalmain interior space





project info:



dates: 2012-2013location: caxinas, vila do conde, portugalclient: sónia and josé carlos marques
architecture: AUZprojekt – jorge lapa, josé mário macedo, pedro santos structural engineering: inforpóvoa, lda – manuel rui santos
surface area: 230 m²