axis mundi: polyhedra
‘polyhedra’ by axis mundi in palisades, new jersey
all images courtesy axis mundi

renderings: masaru ogasawara

new york-based axis mundi has designed ‘polyhedra’, a cantilevering single-family residence
built on the edge of the palisades cliff in new jersey. rising nearly straight up from
the west side of the lower hudson river, the crystalline shaped dwelling provides
a panoramic view of the new york city skyline.

axis mundi: polyhedra
providing views of new york city’s skyline

strategically carved to frame a number of different views, the 3,500 square foot design features
largely transparent facades. seamed glass with a light overlay of a solar reducing pattern
clad the outward-facing surfaces while anodized aluminum panels cover the back.
the asymmetrical polyhedron form also considers the topological conditions and
the path of the sun for natural daylighting.

axis mundi: polyhedra
interior – living space

the ground floor accommodates the main living space (kitchen, dining, lounge)
while the bedrooms are located on the second floor. a small terrace serves as
a look out on the highest level. 

axis mundi: polyhedra
glass is treated with a solar reducing pattern

axis mundi: polyhedra
the carved form originated from a tower-like volume

axis mundi: polyhedra
exploded and collapsed axos showing materiality (seamed glass, concrete structure, anodized aluminum panels)