‘pavillon speciale’ by ball nogues studio, paris, france images courtesy of matteo cainer architects




los angeles-based ball nogues studio have completed the ‘pavillon speciale’, in collaboration with the ecole spéciale d’architecture in paris, france. curated by french architect matteo cainer the structure is in its second edition of the summer architecture series, giving young emerging international professionals the opportunity to build a temporary project in the heart of the city.


comprised of 200 cells, each module is made from locally sourced plastic tubing which was bent and curled in custom jigs designed and constructed by the students. to provide shade, the units have a piece of sheet material within the piping to span the circular space. grommets pierce the fabric to allow the textile to be connected with thin cable lines to the exterior elements. the configuration is a temporary assembly which can be efficiently erected and transported as a flat unit to another location.


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ball nogues studio: pavillon speciale now complete panorama of installation

ball nogues studio: pavillon speciale now complete bending structure

ball nogues studio: pavillon speciale now complete

ball nogues studio: pavillon speciale now complete fabric piece within the tubing to provide shade




project info:


location: ecole spéciale d’architecture curator pavillon speciale: matteo cainer project: ball nogues studio studio assistant: baptiste bonijoly ecole spéciale students: antoniotti bruno, bellanger alexandra, bennis selim, boinot julien, bruel laura, budin olivier, cargill maxime, claudet ariel de lacvivier matthieu, delalande nicolas, dubois nina, ducroux hubert, fishler raphael, fournier adrien, haudrechy felix, hudson leo, lambert pierre, liagre victoire, maleyrat jean, merle daubigne ariane, mougel raphael, noury pola, pradeau pauline, seguin pauline, veryra camille and wertheimer astrid