Wincy Kung conceptualizes a bamboo craft festival


In response to the sweeping urbanization of Hong Kong and the resulting loss of its cultural diversity, Wincy Kung proposes a Bamboo Craft Festival. The urban celebration of culture, heritage, and craftsmanship would preserve and encapsulate the spirit of Hong Kong, gathering citizens to the streets for vibrant displays every year.


Celebrations including a welcoming dragon dance performance, fresh street food served to visitors on seesaws, and food and crafts markets replicating the best of Hong Kong’s street life. All events would take place within and around a temporary elevated bamboo structure emulating a traditional streetscape — including towers, pavilions, and even a vertical transportation system. At the end of the festivities, the structures can be dismantled and the bamboo can be prepared to be re-used and recycled.

bamboo craft festival 3
Dragon Dance Performance kicks off the Bamboo Craft Festival | all images by Wincy Kung



A celebration of hong kong’s cultural heritage in bamboo


With the rapid growth of urban development, old shops and street stalls that shape Hong Kong’s cultural diversity will be demolished and eliminated, causing a gradual disappearance of local traditions and cultural heritages. To revitalize and celebrate these valuable, established practices, architecture student Wincy Kung conceptualizes a vast elevated bamboo structure for a temporary intervention that celebrates Hong Kong’s traditions and fosters urban interactions. The annual Bamboo Craft Festival aims to engage people to experience and explore local street cultures and craftsmanship through workshops and performances manifesting the spirit of Hong Kong traditions.

bamboo craft festival 1
construction process

bamboo craft festival 2
visitors enter the festival through a giant bamboo arch



bamboo craft festival 4
bamboo see-saw wonton noodles reshape the taste of Hong Kong

bamboo craft festival 5
a vibrant experience of craftsmanship and street life cultures

bamboo craft festival 6
the temporary bamboo structures can be dismantled at the end of the festival

bamboo craft festival emulates traditional urbanscape & celebrates hong kong culture
the bamboo can be recycled and re-used after

bamboo craft festival emulates traditional urbanscape & celebrates hong kong culture
Bamboo Craft Festival creates a traditional streetscape in the threat of urbanization

bamboo craft festival emulates traditional urbanscape & celebrates hong kong culture
isometric diagram




project info:


name: Bamboo Craft Festival
designer: Wincy Kung

tutor: Peter Hasdell

university: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (School of Design)



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