‘TH house’ by baqueratta in tochigi prefecture, japan all images courtesy baqueratta photographer: katsuhisa kida

while utilizing a courtyard to visually enlarge a space is not a new trick in japanese modern architecture, tokyo-based architecture office baqueratta has taken a different spin on the method. ‘TH house’ is a single family dwelling in tochigi prefecture, japan, which features multiple pockets of courtyard spaces flanking almost all rooms and programs. while extending the interior space is the primary reasoning behind this practice, the house as a whole emphasizes the importance of framing, and how much it can change the individual atmosphere of a room.

baqueratta: TH house entrance

baqueratta: TH house living and dining area

while most houses with an outdoor space feature one large, collective courtyard connecting many programs, the ‘TH house’ accommodates many room-like courtyards that seemingly extend out from the interior walls. by sandwiching floor to ceiling glazing in between, the room is visually stretched along this axis, providing an almost mirroring effect. laid out in grass, tiles, or wooden decking, the attached exterior spaces become the backgrounds to their respective interiors.

the walls, which are reinforced concrete treated in white, direct light into the house, maximizing on the natural daylighting effect. the windows are lined with thick black steel, emphasizing the importance of visual framing which is apparent in the design.

baqueratta: TH house bedroom and courtyard

baqueratta: TH house the courtyard wall features a cut out to another courtyard to still allow for transparency and connectivity

baqueratta: TH house lighting during the night

baqueratta: TH house floor to ceiling windows

baqueratta: TH house dining and kitchen

baqueratta: TH house system of artificial lights wash up the walls

baqueratta: TH house (left) courtyard extending off the master bedroom (right) the wooden slats continue on in the inside

baqueratta: TH house washroom