‘genetic city’ exhibition at the dutch culture centre

as the closing exhibition of this year’s shanghai world expo, ‘genetic city‘ is a collective installation of ten international architecture studios and their take on how to build new sustainable city. presented at the dutch culture centre and organized by neville mars and dynamic city foundation, the urban expansion plan of caofeidian ecocity in china is proposed in a relay set up, adding 100,000 people on top of the previous plan every two years. participating teams, which include MAD, MVRDV and URBANUS, have been assigned a three year period between now and 2040 to design their part of the evolutionary masterplanning. the expansion plan aims to cultivate the city organically while exploring the process of time-based greening.

the installation consists of a 46 meter long continuous video panorama suspended in the middle of the room. the looped video illustrates the organic growth of the new chinese city from year 2010 to 2040. caofeidian ecocity, which is one of the nation’s most ambitious projects located in a 50 billion dollar industrial zone, is expected to rapidly exceed a population of 1 million in the coming years.

B.A.R.C., which stands for beyond architectural regulations in caofeidian is part of the dynamic city foundation’s iniative to plan and conceive a sustainable and long-term vision for caofeidian.

B.A.R.C: genetic city exhibited video panorama

participating teams’ trailers:

tsinghua school of architecture – caofeidian genetic city 2010-2012 rocksteady design – caofeidian genetic city 2013-2015 ZUS – caofeidian genetic city 2016-2018 urban china / jiang jun – caofeidian genetic city 2019-2021 BAU – caofeidian genetic city 2022-2024 URBANUS – caofeidian genetic city 2025-2027 MARS-1 space design – caofeidian genetic city 20128-2030 powerhouse company – caofeidian genetic city 2031-2033 MAD / ma yansong – caofeidian genetic city 2034-2036 MVRDV – caofeidian genetic city 2037-2040

B.A.R.C: genetic city screen

B.A.R.C: genetic city model of masterplan

B.A.R.C: genetic city

B.A.R.C: genetic city detail

B.A.R.C: genetic city exhibition view

B.A.R.C: genetic city

B.A.R.C: genetic city rendering of masterplan