barry jackson reveals the compact and modular hivehaus barry jackson reveals the compact and modular hivehaus
oct 25, 2013

barry jackson reveals the compact and modular hivehaus

barry jackson reveals the compact and modular hivehaus
all images courtesy of barry jackson




suitable for a wide variety of environments, the modular ‘hivehaus’ designed by barry jackson is based on the hexagonal honeycomb structures built by bees. the compact living space is constructed from identically proportioned ‘cells’ that can be joined together by any of their six sides to create a connected cluster or ‘hive’. this system offers a high level of flexibility and enables a bespoke expansion of the house as it grows with the individual users requirements. each piece has an internal floor area of 9.3m2 and is designed to be used as a specific work/live space. i.e. office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cells all have uniform internal partition walls (with or without pocket doors) that can be added or removed as needed.



‘firewall’ open



the hivehaus is delivered to the site as flatpack components, which means that can be installed on difficult to access locations. each cell is able to be built by 2-3 people, and the adjustable legs and minimal foundations mean the can be set up on sloping or uneven terrain. a green roof system with large circular sky domes allow natural light to filter through to the compact spaces, making them feel bigger than they are. additionally, hexagonal decks create an external expansion of the ‘hive’ with an opening ‘fire wall’ providing an open flow between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.



hivehaus in landscape



compact doesn’t have to feel small



‘firewall’ closed



bathroom through the pocket door 



kitchenette and bedroom



night-time with a fire lit



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  • The kitchen cupboard design is great. The extra storage space and fold shut clean design is perfect for a small space.

    John says:
  • Hivehaus is featured in George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces at 8pm on Thursday 31st October on Channel 4

    Barry Jackson says:
  • I love this is this actually for sale? I particularly like the scale, the support or foundation system and the amount of light available to the interior. I think I like it because it does not appear over-built.

    Ron Smith says:
  • Love this – are they on sale? One pod or two pods would be great as a garden room / office.

    Ben says:
  • Just seen this on C4. Amazing idea! I really hope this becomes a success for you! X

    Lucia Berridge says:
  • The modular Hive house looks just what we are looking for, how do I find out the cost etc

    Michelle Dawson says:
  • Good morning, is the hive house system for sale, we really like the concept and are looking for a prefab type home for us to retire to. Kind regards Chris Bailey.

    C Bailey says:
  • Love this design is it commercially available do you need planning permission or is it classed as a temp structure?

    Mike Dawson says:
  • I saw the hive house/haus on tv last night and for the first time I’m encouraged to see a real possibility for affordable, easy to assemble, alternative housing. Would you be able to advise me on planning conditions etc as I am seriously considering your fantastic design.

    josie says:
  • Such a fantastic idea, (clever bees!) & surely the way forward for interesting alternative low-cost housing as a lot of us will never be able to afford the still ridiculous house prices so this is definitely for the likes of me & if I am able to raise the funds/find a plot (am so convinced & excited that I have already sketched out my design!) so thank good ness for people like Barry! You deserve huge success with this so good on you!

    Roberta says:
  • I was very impressed with the Hive Haus on Amazing Spaces. I’d like to find out more about the structures and have a few questions:

    1) How durable are the pods?
    2) Do they require any maintenance?
    3) Will they still be around in 100 years time?
    4) Can they be placed on top of other pods? Maybe with a spiral staircase in one of the hexagons?
    5) How much would it cost to have pod assembled?

    Good luck Barry in making this a commercial success.

    Peter says:
  • Hi i love this idea and am very keen on building my own hive to live in.ould you please send me abit more info on planning and dimensions please

    aaron says:
  • Best invention since the teabag, Well done! A fantastic living concept that has been obviously overlooked for years. All the best in your venture and wishing you every success.

    gary says:
  • I saw this on George Clarke’s programme – this is a superb idea and so beautifully designed. I didn’t think I would be able to afford my own house for years but this concept might make it a possibility for me! Now to find a plot of land…

    Hannah says:
  • Brilliant piece of design innovation the best bit being you can add to it as and when family/ finances need or allow.
    Two areas of concern for long- term durability; flat roofs nearly always become a problem and require high maintenance, and what is the housing standards of insulation being off the ground as well?
    I have a large garden (what was the gardens for a row of three houses now defunct), crying out for a simple construction possibly for my retirement. Current house is 300 years old, dark, damp, and a nightmare to heat!

    Peter Naylor says:
  • I saw this program on tv it is lovely, I see you have mortgaged your home to design and do a pro type are you interested in a backer?

    Vivien says:
  • Are the modular pods for sale – I would be interested

    Debra mcnulty says:
  • Is it true that you don’t need planning have some land and would like to put them on it for self contained holiday lets if our planning to build a house won’t develop or look at them foe one bedroom homes because of the way the bedroom tax is affecting people regards Maria rees

    Maria Rees says:
  • Love this, would make ideal home for disabled don within my garden. When will they be available?

    Julia says:
  • Love this design.. where can i get more info.. looking for something to put on a plot of land in central london..

    Tracy says:
  • I watched the programme on tv theother night with them in . Cost about ten grand per unit. Watch the show I think its called small spaces with the Geordie Architect on channle 4 ??

    Min says:
  • Wow, is there any contact info available ?

    Tammy says:
  • I was fascinated and would very much like to receive further details.
    Please treat this as a serious inquiry

    Graham Axford says:
  • Dear Barry
    If these pods could be produced in the type of plastic with corrugated insides and mass produced in flat packs it would surely be a good temporary emergency housing for people like those in the Philippines disaster and you could get funding from people like the Red cross and other charity organisations that need something like this to house people in a hurry. If they could be made out of recycled plastic that would be even better. They would also be longer lasting than most of the shelters they use at present. Just a thought. It could help you, the environment and people all around the world who suffer in this planets natural, but devastating weather conditions. I bet they could stand up to earthquakes, and not hurt people as they would be lighter than bricks and mortar.
    regards Maggie

    Maggie Smith says:
  • Is it possible to get brochures of the pods? We live in the Highlands and a brochure would be helpful
    . Thank you. Joy Foubister

    Joy Foubister says:
  • I love this – is there a bathroom though?

    Lisa C says:
  • Please send me some details. Thanks

    Mark Burness says:
  • could you please send me details of availability and prices.
    thank you

  • When a brochure becomes available, I would love to see it. I fell in love with this hivehaus after seeing the building on George’s amazing spaces. I have already decided this is the sort of property I would love to retire to.

    Jan Sterry says:
  • I’d like to find out more about the structures and have a few questions:
    1) How durable are the pods?
    2) Do they require any maintenance?
    3) Will they still be around in 100 years time?
    4) How much are the cells?

    claire weller says:
  • I am very interested in purchasing 3 of your hivehaus…could you please send all details to me . thankyou and much success to you.

    eleanor says:
  • I am disabled and tis would be perfect for me. Could you please send me details.



    TERESA MARS says:
  • I love your design Barry, would be really interested in more details when they are available. Thank you for making decent affordable housing.

    Jill says:
  • could see these going down really well in this part of spain,good low cost locations and it would not be as difficult to get planning permission as it can be for standard construction. More info please

    steve bellis says:
  • Hi Barry, I love the design of the house.
    Very refreshing to see such a clever solution to the awful housing situation people like me with a smaller budget face, its about time the government took such good ideas on board to help us all have a home of our own.
    Please could you send me the details of the houses, costs, planning ect.

    I really hope you do well with this brilliant idea and judging by the comments I have read so far it looks like you will.
    You deserve every success.

    Regards A.K

    Andrew Kelly says:
  • Fantastic idea and they look very comfortable. Would be interested in further details please. Well done and I wish you all the best. Thanks trisha

    trisha lowery says:
  • Hi…love this concept! well done you Barry! Can you let me have some prices + sizes for the Pods please? Thanks. Carolyn

    Carolyn says:
  • Absolutely fantastic! Well done Barry, I am sure you are going to be rushed off your feet with loads of orders. Have always wanted to build my own house and this could provide the perfect solution, please send details when you have them available. These would be great to help in disaster situations , no specialist skills or tools required but long lasting and portable if need be. Love to keep in touch and see further developments.

    Gill Window says:
  • hi you pods look fantastic just what i am looking for to live in my retierment i would love to live in crete and i coul get a bit of land and live in the pod

    anne scott says:
  • LOVE this! I am keen to have my own home and this is the answer, I just need a piece of land now. Do you need planning permission? How do you get the electricity? Water? P,ease send me more details please, it is such a great idea!

    Helen Bailey says:
  • Is anyone from hive haus answering these questions? Where can we get the answers regarding costs etc?

    Peter says:
  • Hi All

    Thank you for your interest in HIVEHAUS® – and for all your very kind comments

    Apologies for the delay in replying to your enquiries but after HIVEHAUS® was featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces we have been inundated with information requests

    HIVEHAUS® is currently undergoing development and product testing and is expected to be taken into UK production early in the new year.Pricing will be arranged as to final specifications.
    Register your interest at and we will keep you updated with further developments.

    Viewings of the HIVEHAUS® prototype show house can be arranged by calling 07866 243079. HIVEHAUS® will also be available to view at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition, Earls Court, London- next May. 

    Barry Jackson says:
  • Absolutely amazing use of space and so beautiful. We have land in a riverside location – we live on a boat at present but are keen to create a dwelling place. Look forward to further details

    Rhiannon Hatton says:
  • its a lovely idea, I will be definitely one of the persons who will buy the Hivehouse. Looking forwards to further details. Thank you

    vita says:
  • Hi Barry, congratulations on a fabulous design. Would be interested in purchasing 3 of your modules {as a starter}, complete with kitchen, bathroom etc. I am in New Zealand and need details on shipping from the UK in container, prices etc.
    Realise with the interest you’ve had since the small spaces program you may be flat chat producing but really interested in any info you can provide re prices, time to shipping this is he first affordable, interesting idea for a small home I’ve seen. Again my congratulations.

    Robbie Sommer says:
  • I love what I saw on television in New Zealand. I am interested in purchasing 4 x pods as a house. Can you give an idea of cost incl freight to Christchurch or Timaru, New Zealand

    Paul Baird says:
  • Are they available in New Zealand please .My elderly mum is coming to live with us in NZ from Ausy and want to set her up with this . Ideal for her .Was most impressed.Thankyou

    Mrs Angela Sloan says:
  • If there were enough people interested in NZ maybe we could order in a job lot in a container???
    I would also like to know at how weather tight they are, especially the flat roofs, considering the heavy driving rain of the West Coast on the Mainland?? Is there the ability to harvest rain from the roof into tanks for drinking water? and basically be self sufficient?
    Please e-mail me any relevant, up-to-date info. Is the fire place included in the price quoted? You mentioned security shutters, locks etc. What extra pricing are they?
    Cheers Annie

    Annie Pexton says:
  • Hi
    Ever since I saw this on tv I have made this my dream to have one day. Please can you advise how you go about knowing that the plot of land you buy would get planning permission to build a hive haus on? I have googled but it isn’t clear for permanent structures and much of the land for sale already has planning permission for i.e a 5 bed exec home or 3 bed attached etc.
    I would really appreciate some guidance.
    Many thanks
    Fran poole

    Francine poole says:
  • Hi
    Ever since I saw the hivehaus on TV. I have wanted one. instead of the usual 2 or 3 bed house. we have the land just waiting to build. will these become available in NZ and how soon
    thank you

    Janice Da Via says:
  • I so love this design! I have a beautiful 5 acre piece of land in Colorado that is off grid with 100 mile views of the Great Divide Rocky Mountains. I would like to be one of the first in the U.S. to erect a Hive Haus. I have designed a 7 pod floor plan with 3 decks to take in the breathtaking views. Would love to hear from you!

    Pamela Payne says:
  • Hi Pamela, Thank you for your interest in the Hivehaus concept – I hope that one day we can help you realise your Hivehaus design dream it certainly does sound fantastic – we are currently designing a web application which will let everyone design, specify and price their own Hivehaus – this will be ready for our official UK launch in May. We are intent on making Hivehaus available outside the UK and are currently looking into the best ways to achieve this – as we are an environmentally aware company this will need to be done by the most sustainable means possible. Register your interest at and we will keep you updated with our progress.

    Barry Jackson says:
  • We always knew that you were a clever boy Barry. Bravo! & the very best of luck,Sincerely,Richard & Joan Maund

    Maund Richard says:
  • Extremely interesting idea,clever design,attraction being the size is varied.what planning requirements are needed? The cost of the structure shown,or cost per hive?

    Brian says:

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