nestled among the sloping scenery of argentina’s cordoba city, bender freiberg arquitectos’ casa en la cuesta embraces the mountainous region of sierras chicas. the guiding principle for the residential project, photographed by gonzalo viramonte, is to achieve a horizontal plane with the least possible alteration to the hillside natural topography. from the street, only the scenery can be seen, and the underground house stays hidden. its walls emerge from the landscape, highlighting the importance of the roof plane. an exterior stairway serves as the main entrance and continues downwards to a central dry patio that welcomes the occupant toward the interior. an infinity pool facing the horizon punctuates the dwelling’s entrance configuration.

bender freiberg casa cuesta
all images by gonzalo viramonte



bender freiberg arquitectos organized its casa en la cuesta as two residential buildings integrated into the slope, surrounding a hillside patio. the main building serves as the critical element of the project, encompassing daily living and work, while a second building with a barbecue area and study is situated on the opposite side of the plot. both buildings protect the patio from the wind, creating a unique micro climate which serves as an active part of the family’s daily life. the façade windows, which can be fully opened, connect the interior and exterior by means of the patio, developing the concept of porch-house. southward, a level driveway, comfortable enough if the slope is considered, protects this façade from the heaviest of rain.

bender freiberg casa cuesta



the team at bender freiberg arquitectos situates the gathering and living space of casa en la cuesta along a single level below ground, offering an intimate atmosphere. from this social floor, the bedrooms below are accessed by a stair which recalls the ‘entrance to a cave,’ as described by the team. being below ground level, a comfortable atmosphere is created.structurally, the house is built as a sequence of inverted overhangs. the wall becomes a large beam which projects south over the underground patio and north between the living room and the pool. this strategy eliminates the need for columns interrupting the space, enhancing  sweeping views outward. to emphasize an element of coziness within the interior together with minimal maintenance at the exterior, the design team makes use of exposed concrete in the walls, porphyry in floors and ceilings, and wood in the living-room.

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project info:


project title: casa en la cuesta

architecture: bender freiberg arquitectos

location: cordoba, argentina

lead architects: alejandro bender, laura frieberg

photography: gonzalo viramonte