‘masion R&R’ by berranger & vincent in la chapelle-launay, france all images courtesy berranger & vincent

nantes-based architects berranger & vincent (jérôme berranger, stéphanie vincent) has sent us images of ‘maison R&R’, a two-storey house located adjacent to the loire valley in la chapelle-launay, france. working with the natural topography and rural landscape of the site, the design utilizes a series of interconnecting volumes to generate pockets of outdoor space that connects the residence together.

berranger & vincent: maison R&R on site

wrapped in corrugated metal panels, the design can be clearly read from the outside as a composition of multiple volumes: two extruded forms – one on the ground level, the other elevated on a series of structural columns – are connected by a perpendicularly-running rectangular form that overlaps both structures. the short elevantions of both volumes utilize a simple face with a pitched roof, lending the house a playful, building-block-like expression.

berranger & vincent: maison R&R exterior view

skewed in their placement, the two main volumes open up towards the valley. a generous outdoor terrace is generated in the interstitial space in between, while an upstairs terrace extends from the kitchen to lead towards the elevated volume housing the bedrooms. finished with concrete floors, the residence exposes the majority of its steel construction to maintain an industrial feel.     

berranger & vincent: maison R&R interior view

berranger & vincent: maison R&R living room

berranger & vincent: maison R&R (left) view towards living/dining (right) facade

berranger & vincent: maison R&R within context

berranger & vincent: maison R&R floor plan / level 0

berranger & vincent: maison R&R floor plan / level +1

berranger & vincent: maison R&R cross section