design studio BFV architectes has transformed an old boiler house in lyon, france, into a residential building with additional office spaces. preserving the pre-existing core structure, and adding new wooden elements, the project highlights the 20th-century rational concrete architecture, while breathing new life into the abandoned facility with a new use. 

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with the intent to bring out the simple, intelligible volumetry of the boiler house, BFV‘s renovation conserves and fills the existing, yet empty area with 30 dwellings on four different floors. apart from the awning and other lately added elements(such as the stairs and the lift,etc.) that have been removed, the main layout and structure of the building have not been modified. as a result, the new design keeps the spirit of the old construction and goes further than just rebuilding missing or damaged elements, by adding them as distinct wooden details and bringing a fresh touch into the project. 

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project info:



name: chaufferie de l’antiquaille à lyon

architecture office: BFV architectes

location: lyon, france

area: 1209 m²




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