‘8 house’ by BIG architects in copenhagen, denmark all images courtesy of BIG architects photographer: ulrik reeh

the scandinavian green roof association has awarded ‘8 house‘ by danish firm bjarke ingels group as the ‘best green roof in the scandinavia’. based in oerestad, copenhagen, the project is one of a trilogy of housing projects with the same client that the architecture office has completed in collaboration with green roof contractor, veg tech.‘BIG has demonstrated a very clear and conscious use of the green roof, successfully integrating it into the visual identity of the building – something which was seen in BIG’s green roof award application last year with the M2 houses, but on a much grander scale’ – louis lundberg, scandinavian green roof association’s superintendent

‘8 house’ features a 1,700 m2 sloping moss-sedum roof which covers a surface descending 11 storeys to the edge of a canal in oerestad south. strategically placed to reduce the urban heat island effect, the design of the 60,000 m2 mixed-use development fully incorporates the green element into its architecture.‘the parts of the green roof that remain were seen by the client as integral to the building as they are visible from the ground. these not only provide the environmental benefits that we all know come from green roofs, but also add to the visual drama and appeal of the sloping roofs and rooftop terrace in between.’ -bjarke ingels

the first residents have already moved in to the building. the project is expected to be fully completed by the 1st of october.

BIG architects: 8 house wins green award moss-sedum roof photographer: ulrik reeh

BIG architects: 8 house wins green award photographer: ty strange