design duo bilska de beaupuy conceived the bird observation tower for a nature park in latvia. the shape of the tower is inspired by the symbol of auseklis, a latvian folklore deity symbolizing light and hope.


all images courtesy of bilska de beaupuy

robotic cutting technology combined with use of natural materials create iconic structure blending with the landscape



the designers figured that a star shape has a greater perimeter than a square of the same surface area. this allowed them to accomodate more people along the balconies, facilitating a broader field of view for each birdwatcher. the tower contains two platforms with different properties. the top platform provides unobstructed 360 degree views to see birds in open water and in the sky. the lower platform provides a more intimate viewing experience with ceiling and facade reed panels that protect bird viewers from wind, sun and rain.

the star-shaped platform enhances birdwatching experience by increasing the viewing perimeter



the tower is made of overlapping standard local timber boards that perform as a structural system and a building facade. the use of small elements allows to create a free-form shape with a robust structure combining aesthetic qualities such as lightness and light transmission with rigidity or flexibility. by using innovative digital design techniques and fabrication methods, the tower’s iconic shape can easily be built from standard elements, providing optimal non-invasive and low-energy construction in remote landscape area.

built from small timber sections and reed, the tower feels intricate and light



the bridge balustrade and facade panels are made of reed, which has been used in traditional architecture and is still used for local craft. the project follows the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle, meaning the design does not generate waste. all the elements in the tower have mechanical joints to allow for easy disassembly, simple maintenance, safe reuse and recycling of building materials.

the shape of the tower is inspired by local folklore



the tower is designed for disassembly from standard timber sections.



project info:



design: bilska de beaupuy

location: latvia design

team: bilska de beaupuy + agata banaszek

structural engineer: nous engineering

visualisations: bilska de beaupuy



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