this elevated cabin house by BIO-architects features a see-through basement

this elevated cabin house by BIO-architects features a see-through basement

‘Kashtan DublDom’ stands like a single-story home


The ‘Kashtan DublDom’ is an elevated cabin house completed by BIO-architects in the Russian woodland. While technically featuring two levels, the project preserves the comforts of a one-story dwelling by concentrating all programs on a single plane and avoiding standard problems related to multi-floor layouts, such as air convections, sound insulation, and unused space. Ultimately, the goal was to ‘provide a serene home that harmonizes with its forested context’, explain the architects. 

forest dubldom 2
the cabin is envisioned as an elevated single-story structure 



elevating the foundation piles to host a free-form basement 


The elevated appearance of ‘Kashtan DublDom’ comes from converting the space under it into a functional area. To do so, BIO-architects (see more here) increased the height of the foundation piles, adding stiffeners and thin wooden rails to create a see-through basement that makes the cabin appear detached from the ground. Composed of corridors and niches, the basement is defined by a play of light and shadow, closed and open spaces, with passages oriented to tree trunks, and ample storage space. 


Reflecting on this non-standard layout, the studio comments: ‘We purposely didn’t make one large room under the house. We have an area of more than 100 square meters, which is easy to convert into a heated and operable space in the future. There are already supporting structures and a roof; what remains is building walls and fitting out the floor. If desired, the owners can implement a living room, garage, workshop, summer kitchen, or storage areas within this space.’

forest dubldom 3
‘Kashtan DublDom’ nestles steadily into the Russian woodland



building the interiors around window views 


While planning the project, the architects not only considered how the trees would affect the property and living experience physically, but visually as well. To take full advantage of the natural context, they decided to build the interior around window views — from walking up the wooden entrance staircase to lying in bed where owners get to fall asleep and wake up to the sight of the forest. Specifically, the bedroom features horizontal double-sided glazing with wide window sills that can serve as shelves. 


The kitchen, ideal for both cooking and working, is also set in front of windows — followed by the living room, where minimal furniture opens up generous views through a stained-glass window. At every corner, ‘we tried to convey the romance of forest life,’ notes BIO-architects.

forest dubldom 4

aerial view of the snow-coated cabin house



Material-wise, the house features plenty of dark oak furniture, leather details, and black metal accents. Complementing those layers are antique sports equipment and themed posters. Together, these elements transform the relatively simple layout into a personalized and homeful design. forest dubldom 5

combining dark oak furniture, leather details, and black metal accents

forest dubldom 8

living room shot, highligting the warm-toned and personal design touches 

forest dubldom 1








project info:


name: Forest DublDom

location: Russia 
architecture: BIO-architects

design team: Ivan Ovchinnikov, Olga Sandakova, Anna Kandybovich



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