‘biodiversity nest treehouse’ by blueforest for eden project




influenced by nature – in particular from the ‘weaver bird’, which gets its name because of its elaborately woven nest –  the design of ‘the biodiversity nest’ by blueforest features an elevated walkway and platform, which will form part of the new rainforest canopy walkway at the eden project. developed in collaboration with jerry tate architects, the treehouse will provide a high-level route and educationexperience within the humid tropics biome. constructed out of wooden and steel framed decks, the ‘biodiversity nest’ will be situated in the middle of the rainforest canopy with two bridges spanning 16 meters, with a timber enclosure providing additional shading.concentrating on biodiversity in the natural rainforest, the conception will be used as an education space.


due to be completed in separate phases over the next three years (with the first phase due for launch to the public in june 2013), future components of the project will include elements such as a steampunk influenced ‘weather station’, a ‘research station’ and a ‘waterfall cave’ which will be completed as funding becomes available.

biodiversity nest education treehouse by blueforestrender of the ‘biodiversity nest treehouse’



eden project’s new canopy journey rainforest experiencevideo courtesy edenprojecttv



biodiversity nest education treehouse by blueforestconstruction model of the ‘biodiversity nest treehouse’

biodiversity nest education treehouse by blueforestmodel front and rear views

biodiversity nest education treehouse by blueforestmodel detail