bjarke ingels group plans hualien residences in taiwan
all images courtesy of bjarke ingels group




bjarke ingels group (BIG) has been commissioned by TLDC, a developer based in taipei, to build a massive residency in hualien, taiwan on a former industrial site. a transformation from a factory region into a world class beach resort is realized in buildings that cascade from the ground to the sky in various ridge-like volumes. the site provides spectacular views with a location against the coast and near the intersection of two river deltas. 

the ‘hualien residences’ echo the mountains in the distance




the ‘hualien residences’ complex mimics both the mountains to the west and the ocean to the east with a flowing and overall undulating form. the masterplan incorporates a program with commercial and residential spaces situated within green stripes creating a series of ribbons throughout the structure. the stripes run east-west to frame optimal views while providing a shading system; accommodating to the tropical climate. green roofs further mitigate heat gain and combined into the design of the striping to create a low energy incentive.

the site of the resort is on a former brownfield with views of the neighboring waterways and ocean

rendering of the outdoor pathways of the complex

residencies are connected through a landscaped green areas

commercial spaces on the lower floor include restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating

interior rendering of a lobby space in one of the many buildings

ample daylight enters the space with expansive glass façades

residential unit interior






project info:


project name: hualien residences
date: 31/12/2009
program: housing
status: in progress
size in m2: 120000
project type: commission
client: tldc – taiwan land development corporation
collaborators: rj wu, arup, glessner group
location text: hualien, tw
partner in charge: bjarke ingels, jakob lange
project director: andré schmidt
project design architect: cat huang
team members: anu leinonen, eric li, andrew lo, camila luise de andrade stadler, hsiao rou huang, junjie yan, song he, christin svensson, eivor davidsen, chris beaudin, eduardo camarena, ambra chiesa, gwendoline eveillard, agnieszka kwiecien, andreas mullertz, johanna nenander, alberto herzog ruiz de alegri, richard john seymour, ying zhang, dominik mrozinski, horia spirescu, lola conte, laura wätte, mathias bank, kasper reimer hansen, jinho lee