bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague

bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague

BJARKE INGELS to build The Vltava Philharmonic Hall IN PRAGUE


The Vltava Philharmonic Hall, an upcoming architectural project in Prague scheduled to be completed in the next decade, is currently in its final stages of design under the guidance of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. The project emerged as the winner of an international architectural competition organized by the City of Prague and The Prague Institute of Planning and Development in May 2022. The proposed design envisions the Vltava Philharmonic Hall as a meandering structure, seamlessly connecting the riverbank to the roof terrace. Highlights include a new escalator facilitating the movement of visitors both indoors and outdoors, the addition of green spaces for community events, and modifications to the nearby viaduct underpass to enhance its interaction with the environment. At the heart of the Philharmonic Hall are the auditoriums and public spaces, with a special emphasis on the Creative Hub, featuring a central music library. The hall is set to house esteemed entities such as the Czech Philharmonic, the FOK Prague Symphony Orchestra, and the Music Department of the Prague Municipal Library. ‘Expressive yet pragmatic, the new philharmonic will ascend to form a key landmark for Prague. From river to roof,’ says Bjarke Ingels.

bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague
all images by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group



Prague’s New Landmark with Fluid Geometry and Green Corridors


The architects at BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group have strategically positioned the structure in the northeast corner of the site, enabling the creation of a grand town plaza with distinctive features on each of its four sides – fronting a plaza, shared street, viaduct, and waterfront. The diagonal organization of the building aligns public spaces with the plaza and the river, providing scenic views of the historic center of Prague. The integration of plants in the design reflects the vegetation along the Vltava River, contributing to the conceptual narrative of the project. The chosen plant species aim to emulate forest biotopes and connect to existing green networks, promoting biodiversity and green corridors throughout the city. The Vltava Philharmonic Hall offers a compact design for maximum efficiency, easy access, and orientation. The Main Hall, Chamber Hall, and Multipurpose Hall, along with spaces for resident orchestras, administration, management, catering, and the Creative Hub, form an efficient building layout.

bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague
a center for music education and interaction



Situated adjacent to the plaza, the Public Foyer is conceived as a versatile space. At its core, a café, a shop, and an exhibition area form the central components. Positioned near the metro entrance, it is seamlessly linked to the public roof via escalators. The undulating glass wall, inspired by the Vltava River, enhances the building’s fluid geometry and provides views of the river. The Creative Hub, operated by the Prague Municipal Library, serves as a unique center for musical education, rehearsal, and performance, fostering meaningful interactions between the public and musicians. The Main Hall features interconnected terraces that facilitate visual and physical connections among its 1800 seats, promoting unity and creating an intimate concert experience. Situated one floor above the other halls, the Chamber Hall offers enhanced accessibility from the foyer. Its design caters to smaller concerts while providing flexibility for various events. The Multipurpose Hall is conceived as a versatile black box, offering maximum flexibility in seating and stage configurations. Its elevation allows for different setups, and the entire hall can open towards the foyer. The Orchestra Rehearsal Hall is designed as a comfortable daily practice space to match the exact dimensions and construction of the Main Hall’s full stage.

bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague



Supported by slim columns and adorned with wooden ceilings providing shade, the structure integrates traditional elements such as granite, reminiscent of Prague’s pavement. The terraces, connected by a common path, invite visitors to enjoy the city’s music while relishing panoramic views of the river and city. Additionally, convenient staircases on the roofs link to the building’s entrances through separate platforms. Paths on the terraces are bordered by stone and green elements that span the building’s varying heights, introducing dynamism and creating a visually pleasing experience. Scheduled to initiate the development of the neglected Bubny-Zátory area, the Vltava Philharmonic Hall is poised to become a key landmark in Prague. The project is set to progress through the selection of a contractor, completion of project documentation, and construction, with an expected opening in 2032.bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague the rooftop takes shape as a continuation of the public squarebjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in pragueenjoying panoramic views of the city

bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague

wooden ceilings extend from the outer to the inner spaces, symbolizing the building’s embrace of its environment


the public foyer is adjacent to the plaza and is designed as a multifunctional space

bjarke ingels unveils final design for vltava philharmonic hall in prague


project info:


title: Vltava Philharmonic Hall

architecture: Bjarke Ingels Group / BIG

landscape architecture: Bjarke Ingels Group / BIG

location: Prague, Czech Republic

lead architects: Bjarke Ingles, Brian Yang

completion: expected 2032

structural and MEP engineering: Buro Happold
halls acoustic: Nagata Acoustics
halls acoustic and stage design: Theatre Project
facade consultant: Front
mobility: Systematica
lighting: S&M Lighting

local partner: AFRY CZ
local landscape architecture: Sendler – Radilová Association / Landscape Architecture Studio

traffic engineering: Ateliér DUA
local structural engineering: NĚMEC POLÁK
fire safety engineering: Ampeng
gastronomic technology design: Viewegh Gastro Team
tunnel equipment and Ppblic lighting design: Almapro
bridges Design: TOP CON SERVIS
flood protection design: AQUATIS
metro and OSM design: METROPROJEKT Praha
utility collectors design: INGUTIS
public MV and LV design: VOLTCOM
ICT networks design: Avalon
water and drainage utilities design: Šetelík Oliva
construction site organisation design: POV projekt

clients: Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague), the city of Prague

visualizations: Bjarke Ingels Group

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