bjarke ingels group (BIG)'s second project in quito, ecuador, EPIQ, is unveiled

bjarke ingels group (BIG)'s second project in quito, ecuador, EPIQ, is unveiled

bjarke ingels unveils a veritcal oasis in ecuador


Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Uribe Schwarzkopf unveils images of EPIQ, a landmark residential project redefining high-density living in Quito, Ecuador. This latest development, positioned at the heart of the city and bordering La Carolina Park, marks the second partnership between the renowned architect and developer, aiming to cultivate a vibrant contemporary architecture scene in the city. EPIQ rises twenty-four stories, boasting a unique structure formed by interlocking ‘buildings within a building.’ These stacked blocks create captivating panoramic views and outdoor terraces, prioritizing green spaces and fostering a sense of community within the high-density development. Lush green walls weave between the building’s facade to bring the nature into the heart of the building.

bjarke ingels epiq ecuadorimages © Bicubik



Respecting Heritage through a Modern lens


The architects at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) draw inspiration from the architectural heritage of Quito, Ecuador in the design of EPIQ. The facade features matte pigmented cement tiles applied in a contemporary herringbone pattern — a reinterpretation which honors the domed roofs and colonial buildings traditionally adorned with local tiles. From afar, the building presents a unified silhouette against the park’s backdrop, while closer inspection reveals a dynamic composition of individual volumes clad in four distinct shades of red. EPIQ encapsulates a comprehensive lifestyle experience. The lower floors host office spaces and retail outlets, while the upper levels offer an array of amenities, including a movie theater, daycare, swimming pool, bowling alley, squash court, gym, spa, business center, lounge spaces, and game rooms.

bjarke ingels epiq ecuador
EPIQ, a new residential project designed by BIG, brings contemporary architecture to Quito



epiq takes shape with sustainable design at its core


Committed to minimizing environmental impact, Bjarke Ingels and Uribe Schwarzkopf prioritizes decarbonization in the EPIQ development. The project incorporates passive and future-forward design strategies that reduce energy consumption by 25%, employs materials with lower embodied energy, and restricts water usage by over 50%. This dedication to sustainability is validated by the EDGE certification awarded to the building. EPIQ represents a vision for the future of urban living in Quito.

Joseph Schwarzkopf, General Manager, Uribe Schwarzkopf, comments:We’re excited once again to be working with Bjarke Ingels and the team at BIG. EPIQ marks another unique contemporary building to be added to the skyline in Quito, promoting a new possibility for a vertical community where residents play a fundamental part of the project. With the opening of the new Metro system, EPIQ sits in a prime location in the city, as well as being alongside La Carolina Park.’

bjarke ingels epiq ecuador
the 24-story tower features unique stacked blocks that create terraces and green spaces bjarke ingels epiq ecuador
the architecture reinterprets Quito’s heritage with a modern herringbone pattern of red cement tiles bjarke ingels group (BIG)'s second project in quito, ecuador, EPIQ, is unveiled
residents enjoy amenities like a movie theater, daycare, and a swimming pool


EPIQ integrates nature with planted terraces and balconies offering panoramic city views

bjarke ingels group (BIG)'s second project in quito, ecuador, EPIQ, is unveiled
office spaces and retail stores occupy the lower floors


EPIQ is committed to sustainability, reducing energy consumption and water use

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