with monumental works realized worldwide, bjarke ingels sees one of his early projects, a private villa in glamsbjerg, denmark, up for sale. more modest in scale compared to ingels’ latest realizations, the 2008-designed dwelling maintains the clear, rigorous aesthetic of the renowned architect. the villa evokes the form of a wave, dipping gradually toward the ground plane to rejoin the landscaped surroundings. last renovated in 2019, the glamsbjerg villa is currently listed for around $700,000 USD.

bjarke ingels glamsbjerg



listed by lilienhoff, the bjarke ingels-designed glamsbjerg villa is ready for move in. both the interior and exterior are realized with an elegant synthesis of soft, sliding lines and tightly designed minimalism. the whole property echoes the same atmosphere, as the home and its carport appear as a wave rising and descending from the garden grass. the appearance is at the same time simple and distinctive, especially where the full-height glazing to the west follows the curvature of the roof. on the northern end, the facade is clad with black-painted wood.

bjarke ingels glamsbjerg



in designing the villa, bjarke ingels maintained a seamless union between the garden and the house, defined by its undulating green roof. this green roof is installed by vegtech, a leading company in vegetation technology in scandinavia. together with a focus on environmental sustainability, ingels designed the dwelling with an emphasis on the common area. the interior of the house sees its shared spaces all in one centralized open-plan space. flooded with natural light, this zone is marked by its high ceilings that echo the distinctive arch.

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project info:


architecture: bjarke ingels group / BIG

real estate company: lilienhoff

location: glamsbjerg, denmark

green roof: vegtech

construction: 2008

photography: courtesy of lilienhoff