nabr startup aims to revolutionize the housing market


nabr is a real estate tech start-up, co-founded by bjarke ingels, real estate entrepreneur roni bahar, and tech veteran nick chim, that intends to shake up the housing market. setting consumers as its priority, the company employs a software platform, allowing residents to customize their apartment’s design and even their financial package. whether they decide to purchase upfront, or build equity while leasing through nabr’s program, occupants are supported and directed towards home ownership, every step of the way.

bjarke ingels' real estate start-up 'nabr' intends to shake up the housing market

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nabr’s mission


‘when it comes to your home, you shouldn’t have to compromise’ the nabr team says. ‘our near-term goal is to put more people on a path to owning a high-quality, environmentally friendly home in the city. our long-term vision is to help spur a societal shift toward sustainable urban living’ they add. 


unlike traditional real estate developers, nabr defines itself as a consumer product company. by creating a digital design and delivery system, the startup allows you to make the housing choices that work for you specifically. with nabr, you get a say in what gets built, where it gets built, as well as how it will look and feel. in addition, you get to pick how you buy your new home, and pricing is always discussed with transparency.

bjarke ingels' real estate start-up 'nabr' intends to shake up the housing market



how it works


to participate in the nabr program, individuals must first join a waitlist that is open to everyone. after signing up, they will receive a short questionnaire to describe what they’re looking for. when there’s a match, the company will reach out to the clients, who can then customize the layout, interior design, and optional upgrades through nabr’s virtual design studio. ‘we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. every nabr home is built to order so you can decide what’s right for you: from what features you need to how you purchase your home.’ the startup states on its official website. 


since there’s more than one path to ownership, residents can choose between the flexibility of leasing and the equity of owning. specifically, clients can buy upfront or qualify for a leap program to lock in their purchase price on day one.  when they’re ready, they can reserve their nabr home by paying a refundable reservation fee. once approved, they can officially pre-order their home. as soon as the client pays a deposit as low as 1% of the apartment’s purchase price, and signs a binding contract, construction starts. 

bjarke ingels' real estate start-up 'nabr' intends to shake up the housing market



about the nabr apartments


each nabr apartment combines a high-quality design, with a low impact approach. all structures are carbon neutral in operations, integrating an all-electric design and energy-efficient façade that leverages the latest technology. sustainable materials such as laminated timber were used on the exterior, while numerous spaces meant for vertical vegetation (both indoor and outdoor) were formed to help provide clean air to the city. the apartments also include a shared rooftop garden, health & wellness center, and a play space, while all independent data, energy, and security systems are controlled by one seamless app. 


nabr is currently launching its first building in san jose, california (see more projects in california, here). designed in collaboration with bjarke ingels group, the company will bring more than 100 personalized, sustainable homes to one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of the city. studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom+ layouts will be available, with prices starting in the high $700Ks. residents are expected to move in sometime during 2023.

bjarke ingels' real estate tech start-up 'nabr' intends to shake up the housing market



project info: 


name: nabr 
founded by: bjarke ingels, roni bahar, and nick chim