located in a quiet residential area within royan city, iran, daal studio has introduced the ‘afra house‘. the design aims to accommodate the client; a religious man who values privacy. it was his personal request that the architects create a very simple building, which aligns with the owners aesthetic preferences, as well as his limited budget. 

afra house 1

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the design by daal studio generates a modern, practical, and timeless environment, sophisticated and cozy. the project was suggested as a rectangle drawn in the east-west direction. the elongation of the building reduces the western level, which is constantly exposed to monsoon rains. by placing two yards on the north and south sides of the building, and placing openings on these two fronts, it was possible to optimize natural light and ventilation within the whole interior.

afra house 2



due to the importance of separating the public and private areas for the client, the required spaces are divided into three categories. public spaces include the living room and terrace, semi-public spaces include the kitchen and dining room, and private spaces include the bedrooms and services. all public areas were placed in a white cube, while all private rooms were located in a black one.

afra house 3



the form of the project has been generated as a result of the combination of these two cubes. the intersection of these two volumes, houses the semi-public areas. due to the importance of light in the project, a void space is created. it allows sunlight to brighten the center of the project and provides a platform for a green interior. here, a maple tree -called ‘afra’ in the local language- which is commonly found in native forests has been planted.

afra house 8

afra house 4

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afra house 10

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project info:


name: afra house
architecture office: daal studio
lead architects: alireza esfandiari, hilda tehrani
location: royan, iran
advisor: kambiz eskandartabar
engineering: hamidreza nasersaiid
executive manager: vahid tahmasebi




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