on the eastern side of greece’s greenest island of zakynthos, lies a haven that combines mediterranean architecture with tropical modernism. perched on a hill overlooking the village of tsilivi and merging with the emerald colors of the lush natural landscape, the olea all suite hotel is a contemporary, peaceful retreat. the sanctuary, designed by the athens and stockholm-based studio block722, taps into the ever-present element of water. at the center of it all, functioning as the tranquil heart of the hotel is a 4000 sq.m man-made lake with suites and hotel facilities developing naturally around it.

block722 olea hotel
images © claus brechenmacher-reiner baumann photography



block722 worked closely with the existing vegetation — like the venerable olive trees that have been gracing the site for centuries. using natural materials such as rustic oak wood, bamboo, and rattan, the studio redefined the physical environment while emphasizing the autonomy of each suite unit, with the result resembling more of a luxurious, tropical island settlement. katja margaritoglou, co-founder and interior designer for the firm explains: ‘the most important thing to us was how the guests would experience their surroundings. the design aims to bring guests in sync with nature and its elements, connecting the indoors with the outdoors in a seamless way that helps them unwind and explore the resort in its entirety.

block722 olea hotel



keeping up with aspects of mindfulness, nature, and relaxation, olea all suite hotel emphasises wellness. guests can rejuvenate at the wellness spa and relaxation area, train at the fully equipped gym, pamper themselves at the beauty salon and unwind at the yoga pavilion. of course, they can also swim or float in the all-encompassing lake-like pool. around this ‘lake’, natural meeting points are formed. lounges are protected from the sun by the cooling shadows of pergolas and trees. a ‘sunset bar’ is strategically oriented to promote exposure to the rays of the setting sun.

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